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In the Winter of 2666 edited by Tele (Tele42)

Season 04, Episode 08

DerRidda HeroOhOne
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DerRidda and HER0 01 talk about the release of the remaining Saints Row ports, future mech games, and the latest happenings in the Linux gaming world.

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Our Gaming

has been playing Insurgency [source], Payday 2 [source], Saints Row 2 [source], and Saints Row: The Third [source]
has been playing Payday 2 [source] and Windward [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Daedalus - No Escape [source]
Payday 2 [source]
Team Fortress 2 [source]
Coffin Dodgers [source]
Upcoming Events
King Arthur's Gold [source]
War Thunder [source]
Fistful of Frags [source]
XCOM 2 [source]
released Tiny Chooper Raceway, a game made with Godot Engine [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam beta update includes a better performing Vulkan overlay [source]
HTC Vive has been launched [source]
Not yet working on Linux
GDC Steam Controller talk is now available [source]

Tech News

radeonsi and mesa have support for OpenGL 4.2 [source]
Vulkan support has been added to some Android devices [source]
Unity editor version 5.4.0b13 has been released for Linux [source]
Godot Engine 2.0.2 is now available [source]

General Gaming News

The Talos Principle beta Vulkan performance has been improved [source]
DerRidda had his frame rate double between this beta and the last [source]
Vulkan command line flag is +gfx_strAPI "VLK"
Savage Resurrection has been revealed [source]
Hand of Fate 2 has been announced [source]
Don't Starve Together is leaving Early Access on April 21st [source]
Enter the Gungeon released [source]
Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third ports have been released [source]
ARK: Survival of the Fittest [source]
Golf With Friends [source]
SpeedRunners port by is now out of beta [source]
Dark Horizons: Mechanized Corps is to come to Linux soon [source]
Heavy Gear Assault is also shown to have a Linux port in the works [source]
These mech games add to one we already have on Linux, Strike Suite Zero [source]
Homefront: The Revolution gameplay video is available [source]
Linux port is not to be released on day 1 [source]


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