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Season 04, Episode 05

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Special Guests
Ariel Manzur


Ariel Manzur joins our hosts to talk about the open source Godot Engine

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Special guest, Ariel Manzur () from the Godot Engine [source]

Our Gaming

has been playing Tabletop Simulator [source], SpeedRunners [source], and Descent [source]
has been playing 0h h1 [source], 0h n0 [source], and Insurgency [source]
has been playing Firewatch [source], Sublevel Zero [source], XCOM 2 [source], Super Hexagon [source], and Descent [source]
Ariel has not had time for playing games, but played Starcraft 2 [source] when it came out

Chat with Special Guest Ariel from the Godot Engine

Godot Engine started as a more flexible architecture in response to new hardware in 2007
They started working with OKAM Studio [source] so that they could focus on the engine while the rest of the team made games
The engine was always intended to be open source software, but they never considered it to be ready
OKAM Studio's first project was a demo for The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy [source]
The Kickstarter campaign [source] for the game was a last resort
Publishers were intrigued after the Kickstarter campaign
Godot Engine release on Steam [source] provided credibility to the project
The Dog Mendonça demo contained almost the same code that is in the full game
commented that the dialog system is similar to what is in SCUMM [source]
Partner at OKAM is an artist for the Dog Mendonça graphic novels
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is a point and click adventure game with a supernatural mystery
While everything contributed to the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the demo on Steam had the biggest impact
Software Freedom Conservancy [source] helps fund Godot
Code contributions began pouring in as soon as the engine was made open source [source]
Adventure game tools used in Dog Mendonça will be made available some time after GDC
Godot Engine 2.0 has been released [source]
Includes scene inheritance, multi-scene editing, text based file formats, and UI improvements
A new website for the engine has gone live [source]
smithzv asks in chat, "The made tscn, which is VCS friendly, but are the shader resources still a binary format?"
Other games made with Godot
Steam Quest [source]
Leftway [source]
liked Dolphin Island 2 [source]
Godot showcase video in the works [source]
Final video [source]
The Steam store page currently gets more traffic than the official website
There could be a nightly build available on Steam one day
The future of Godot Engine
Godot 2.1 roadmap [source]
The scripting language, gdscript, could get statically typed instructions
A more powerful profiler to help identify bottlenecks would be useful
Godot is planned to get Vulkan and GLES3 renderers
With the separation from OKAM Studio, Ariel hopes to form relationships with game developers
Linux is the primary platform of Godot Engine

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Nuclear Dawn [source]
Space Hulk [source]
Dota 2 [source]
Synergy [source]
Upcoming Events
GRID Autosport [source]
Factorio [source]
Sir, You Are Being Hunted [source]
No More Room In Hell [source]
wrote a wildlife guide for Firewatch [source]

Steam/Valve News

HTC Vive consumer edition has been announced [source]
The 800 USD [source] package comes with the headset, 2 controllers, and 2 base stations
Headset has a microphone and Bluetooth
Bundled with Job Simulator [source], Fantastic Contraption [source], and Tilt Brush [source]
Godot Engine may receive Vive support this year
Linux support is not ready, but being worked on [source]
Steam beta client has updated [source] runtime, fixing potential libalsa incompatibility
Steam Controller can now emulate traditional gamepad rumble
Security and Trading Update [source] will result in extended trade hold time for some users
Headup Games Complete [source] is first to have new Steam bundle discounts

Tech News

Libretro officially has Vulkan support [source]
Unreal Engine 4 demo, Protostar, shows off Vulkan on mobile hardware [source]
Nvidia updated Vulkan beta driver to 355.00.29 [source]
Godot 2.0 Stable has been released [source]
Plugin support will be included in the next release [source]

General Gaming News

Humble Indie Bundle 16 [source]
Pay what you want: Retro City Rampage DX, Outlast, Never Alone + Foxtales DLC
Beat the average: Trine 3, Door Kickers, Duet, FORCED
BTA + 2 USD: Else Heart.Break(), Sunless Sea
Insurgency Sandstorm brings the franchise to Unreal Engine 4 with new features [source]
Factorio is now available on Steam Early Access [source]
Blog contains instructions on claiming your Steam key [source]
Hitman GO, turn based Hitman, has been released [source]
SUPERHOT is out [source]
Replay feature is not included in Linux
Doponia Doomsday has had a surprise release [source]
That Dragon, Cancer is now available on Linux [source]
Shadwen, Frozenbyte's stealth game, has a demo available [source]
In a unique promotion, playing the demo reduced the price of the final game for everyone
The March IndieBox will feature Assault Android Cactus [source]
Witchbeam have also been making Dev Diary videos [source]
XCOM 2 updated with Linux fixes [source]
SpeedRunners has an opt-in Linux beta thanks to [source]
Overlord series is showing signs of Linux support
Overlord [source], Overlord II [source], Overlord: Rising Hell [source]
I and II are confirmed to be ports by Virtual Programming [source]
Flippfly Prototype Showdown Round #3 [source]
Tim Sweeney is concerned about Microsoft's walled garden [source]
Elaborated in a podcast with Polygon [source]


Overload is to have a playable teaser [source]


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