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Season 04, Episode 04

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Our penguins have a low‐level talk about the long‐awaited Vulkan launch.

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has been playing DiRT Showdown [source], Guns of Icarus Online [source], and Doom [source]
has been playing XCOM 2 [source], Dying Light [source], Insurgency [source]
has been playing Sir, You Are Being Hunted [source], GRID: Autosport [source], Natural Selection 2 [source]
has been playing American Truck Simulator [source], Dying Light [source], and a super secret QA project
Tele (Tele42) has been playing GRID: Autosport [source], DiRT Showdown [source], and Natural Selection 2 [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [source]
DiRT Showdown [source]
Insurgency [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Upcoming Events
Nuclear Dawn [source]
Space Hulk [source]
Dota 2 [source]
Synergy [source]
SteamDB Linux page [source] updated with a graph of the history of working games
SteamLUG Cast has again been made visible on iTunes [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam beta client update [source] makes usage of the Steam Controller more convenient
There are hints that Bitcoin may eventually be available as a payment method in Steam [source]

Tech News

Nvidia has released beta driver 361.28 [source] [source]
Introduces issue for some games, which can be worked around by setting __GLVND_DISALLOW_PATCHING=1 [source]
Amazon released a new game engine, Lumberyard [source]
Rumor suggests that HTC Vive pricing will be announced at Mobile World Congress [source]
Vulkan graphics API has been released [source]
The SDK, drivers, examples, debuggers, and more launched alongside it
Nvidia Vulkan beta driver 355.00.26 supports Kepler and Maxwell series cards (GTX 600‒900) [source]
Included in SteamOS 2.63 Brewmaster beta [source]
Intel has added a Vulkan branch to the Mesa driver, supporting Broadwell and Skylake integrated graphics [source]
AMD is to have Vulkan support in an upcoming release of their hybrid amdgpu driver [source]
Steam beta client update includes libvulkan in Steam Runtime [source]
The Talos Principle is the first game on Steam supporting Vulkan, available in the game’s publicbeta branch [source]
While being a quick, unoptimized port to Vulkan [source], the performance is already better than OpenGL [source]
Croteam wrote a Q&A related to the port [source]
Dota 2 with -vulkan parameter is currently missing a library, but the Source 2 engine is known to have Vulkan support internally
Libretro has a pull request that adds Vulkan support [source]
Godot has previously stated their intentions to add Vulkan support [source]
PPSSPP will also have Vulkan support [source]
LWJGL nightly builds have Vulkan bindings [source]
GLFW has Vulkan support [source]
Khronos hosted Vulkan webinar and released recording [source]
A C++ wrapper to the Vulkan API has been released by Nvidia [source]
Dota 2 Vulkan depot has been updated (not yet released)
LunarG Vulkan SDK has full Linux support [source]
vim got Vulkan syntax highlighting [source]
Ryan Gordon is working on adding Vulkan support to the SDL render API [source]

General Gaming News

Frozen Synapse 2, an open world tactics game, is to be released in 2016 [source]
Confirmed to have Linux support [source]
Gas Guzzlers Extreme is being ported to Linux [source]
N++ is coming to Linux [source]
Street Fighter V is expected to be available on Linux in Spring, with help from Valve [source]
Sunless Sea [source] is having a closed Linux beta, available to owners of the game upon request
Darkest Dungeon port is officially being worked on with an expected March release [source]
ARK: Survival Evolved has been updated to have BattlEye protected servers, which are not yet compatible with the Linux client [source]
Devs are working closely with BattlEye to add Linux support [source]
Firewatch has been released [source]
A Wine‐wrapped Earth 2160 port has been made available on Steam [source]
Dying Light: Enhanced Edition and The Following DLC has been released [source]
Layers of Fear, published by Aspyr, has been released [source]
SNOW audio is working, but a Steam Runtime conflict has been introduced [source]


Deliver Us The Moon [source]
Open world Lunar exploration and survival
Overload [source]
Six degree of freedom shooter by the original developers of Descent
Backers will receive a post‐release multiplayer expansion for free


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