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Season 04, Episode 03

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DerRidda, Jane Dorable, and HER0 01 have a chat during the Lunar New Year about Linux gaming news.

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begins the introduction of co-hosts
Dora ()

Our Gaming

Dora () has been playing Slime Rancher [source]
has been playing Natural Selection 2 [source], Trine 3 [source], GRID: Autosport [source]
has been playing Insurgency [source], Skyborn [source], XCOM2 [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Starbound [source]
7 Days to Die [source]
PULSAR: Lost Colony [source]
Saints Row IV [source]
Upcomming Events
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [source]
DiRT Showdown [source]
Insurgency [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
got his Thrustmaster TX wheel initialized in Linux [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam bug which did not allow Chromium-based games or applications to be launched from the Linux client has been fixed [source]
Lunar New Year Sale [source]

Tech News

AMD GPUOpen launched [source]
At least 30 git repositories spread over 4 GitHub organizations [source] [source] [source] [source]
Mostly supports DirectX11 with some support for OpenGL, OpenCL, Nvidia CUDA, and DirectX12
Unreal Engine VR Mode editor [source]
Godot Engine 2.0 is now in beta [source]
UI improvements, including much better screen space efficiency
Bug fixes and small features

General Gaming News introduces a new "In Development" category which includes 3 Linux games [source]
Humble Weekly Bundle - Make Your Move
Includes 7 Linux games out of 8
Pay what you want: Frozen Synapse, Frozen Cortex, Lux Delux, Shattered Planet (not on Linux)
Beat the average: The Last Federation and 1 DLC, Reassembly
15USD or more: Chaos Reborn and Big Pharma
Natural Selection 2 update [source]
Adds servers restricted to low level players with bots filling gaps and forces experienced players into spectator slots
Improved AI, including ability to take commander role
Company of Heroes 2 now has Linux/Mac cross-platform multiplayer and a performance update [source]
Don’t Starve Shipwrecked DLC updated, including Linux support [source]
Serious Sam 3 and The Talos Principle to have Vulkan support
The Talos Principle will have Vulkan support “at launch” [source]
Serious Sam perhaps later [source]
Joke article by Croteam in response [source] [source]
Day of Infamy, a WWII themed Insurgency mod [source]
SNOW is now 'Free to Play' and runs on Linux (but with FMOD issues) [source]
XCOM 2 released [source]
Native Steam Controller support and bundle discounts [source]
American Truck Simulator released [source]
Batman: Arkham Knight port cancelled [source]
Black Mesa confirmed to come to Linux [source]
Tomb Raider (2013) gets empty Linux depots [source]
Mad Max gets empty Linux depots [source]
Rust Linux server updates [source]
It appears they are working on it but it is not functional at the moment [source]


Knights and Bikes [source]
Created by developers who worked on Little Big Planet


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