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Season 03, Episode 22

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Our hosts talk about the Steam Hardware launch and Linux gaming news

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Our Gaming

Nemoder has been playing ARK: Survival [source], Don't Starve Together [source], Guns of Icarus Online [source], and Frozen Cortex [source]
has been playing games with Nemoder, as well as Arma 3 [source]
has been playing Insurgency [source] and testing the Steam Controller [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Terraria [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Team Fortress 2 [source]
Victor Vran [source]
Upcoming Events
Worms Clan Wars [source]
Broforce [source]
Insurgency [source]
Dota 2 Casual [source]

Steam/Valve News

Multi-packs are now purchasable as gifts on the Steam Store [No longer working]
Interview with Gabe Newell about Steam Machines [source]
Steam Hardware launched [source]
Steam Machine Launch Sale [source]
Steam Controllers and Links are selling well, as there is a wait time if ordering now
has a Steam Controller and has lots to say about it [source]
Steam Controller requires the use of Steam Big Picture Mode [Only for configuration and some special features]
udev rule required for full functionality on Linux [source]
There is a rudimentary open source Steam Controller configuration tool in the works [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 has native Steam Controller support but default configuration is not easy to use
Any configuration can be modified
The Steam Controller is very different, with a high learning curve
Hardware allows for different usage patterns, like using the gyroscope for precision aiming
Potential for much higher accuracy compared to traditional controllers
feels that the build quality of the Steam Controller is excellent
Small face buttons may be difficult to use for some
Two grip paddles are a huge improvement on traditional controllers
Buttons can be used in combinations to create mode shifts
Analog triggers have a very short pull compared to Xbox style controllers
Typing with the Steam Controller is completely different, with absolute [not relative] input on each pad, to act like a virtual touch keyboard
Steam Link in-home streaming receiver has been released [source]
Steam Machines have been released [source]
Ars Technica released benchmarks showing the sub-par SteamOS ports [source]
Size to performance ratios are very good
Zotac and Alienware Steam Machines use custom Nvidia GPUs
Origin hardware vendor is no longer shipping SteamOS with their living room PC
Alienware Steam Machine has an HDMI input for passthrough of cable boxes and other devices in the living room

Tech News

PowerPlay power management support lands in AMDGPU, significantly increasing performance [source]

General Gaming News

Trine 3 Linux version officially released [source]
Update includes new level "Quest for Cake"
Left 4 Dead 2 updated with native Steam Controller support and surround sound support on Linux [source]
Rocket League port is nearing release [source]
Darksiders I and II is still being worked on for Linux [source]
The Long Dark released for Linux [source]
Godot Engine joins Software Freedom Conservancy [source] [source]
Grow Home released for Linux [source]
7 Days to Die Alpha 13 out soon [source]


Blacksea Odyssey [source]
Failsafe [source]


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