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Season 03, Episode 19

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Special Guests
Aaron San Filippo


Join Aaron San Filippo as he talks with our hosts about Flippfly and Race the Sun

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Cheese ( Cheese) introduces
Corben ()
Buckwangs ()
Dora ()
and special guest, Aaron San Filippo () of Flippfly ()

Our Gaming

Used a Surface Pro 3 running Linux to grow some numbers in idle-clicker games, Adventure Capitalist & Time Clickers [source] [source]
Really wanted to play Alien: Isolation (didn't happen) [source]
Put in some practice time in the rocket-powered car jumping soccer game, Rocket League (coming to Linux early 2016) [source]
Spent some time in the asymmetrical hunt-or-be-hunted multiplayer game, Evolve [source]
Experienced The Stanley Parable and its demo for the first time [source]
Dora ()
Has been engaging in medieval-style battles in Mount & Blade: Warband [source]
Also burned some time roaming around Runescape (not in Steam, but cross-platform) [source]
Raced bikes and her heart rate in Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to Road Rash (currently in Early Access) [source]
Played some of the stealth-based, local multiplayer wild west simulator, Thief Town [source]
Explored the dungeons of Hammerwatch [source]
Explored circular labyrinths in the meditative exploration game, Expand [source]
Delivered pizza and ignored bullies in the flow-based platformer, Ninja Pizza Girl [source]
Has been exploring the dreamy realms and disassociated companionship of Journey (PS4) [source]
Spent time playing the tactical turn-based strategy game, Hoplite for Android and iOS [source]

Chat with Special Guest, Aaron San Filippo of Flippfly

Race the Sun is … [source]
Aaron shares a bit of Race the Sun's history from web game to Steam release
Started on Kongregate [source]
Launched a Kickstarter to buy some development time [source]
Went to Steam Greenlight [source]
And on to a release on December 9th of 2013 on Steam [source]
The impact of community engagement on the Kickstarter's success [source]
What led to the decision to utilize the Unity3D for the game's engine [source]
Aaron went to work for Raven Software right out of college, working on titles like Singularity and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III [source]
The transition from working on AAA shooters to independently developing Race the Sun brought many challenges
Pleasant surprises during the development of Race the Sun
The Linux user community provides useful feedback
Players' response to Race the Sun
Flippfly tests on a hardware-based Ubuntu installation
Aaron talks about attending Steam Dev Days and the addition of Steam Workshop support [source]
Inspiration for Race the Sun [source]
VR support is on the horizon for Race the Sun
Utilizing the Steam Controller's unique functions in the game
Multiplayer support was tested during the beta phase of development
The possibility of a sequel is out there but Flippfly is interested in pursuing new ideas [source]
Future projects from Flippfly
Hexarden - A hexagonal gardening game [source]
Prototype Showdown - Two games vie for your votes - Linux downloads available! [source]
Aaron asks the hosts for ideas about a potential sequel

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Dying Light [source]
Torchlight II [source]
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - streamed the event [source] [source]
Portal 2 Mapping Challenge #2 [source]
Upcoming Events:
PULSAR: Lost Colony [source]
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball [source]
Skullgirls [source]
Assault Android Cactus [source]

Tech News

Dan Ginsburg from Valve talks at SIGGRAPH 2015 about Vulkan and why developers should favor it over DX12 and Metal [source]
Chet Faliszek gives an introduction to the concepts and tech behind VR [source]

General Gaming News

Alien: Isolation release for Linux was originally scheduled for 29 Sept [source]
The game was delayed a bit [source]
Cities: Skylines add-on expansion After Dark released [source]
Frictional Games, creators of the Penumbra and Amnesia series, released SOMA [source]
Serious Sam 4 announced - author of Talos Principle hired to write story [source]
Humble Indie Bundle 15 launched
Assault Android Cactus has been released (S03E17 and S01E13 guests) [source] [source]
Ninja Pizza Girl released [source]
Developed on Linux, meditative puzzle game Expand was released [source] [source]
Imaginal released by Lisa Brown (), our guest for S03E10 [source]
From the creator of The Stanley Parable comes The Beginner’s Guide [source]


Allison Road [source]
Linux support will come - if 300.000 £ stretch-goal is reached, Linux port will be available on day one
Battletech [source]
The Journey Down chapter 3 [source]

Other Discussion

Buckwangs starts a conversation about SteamOS and Steam Machines [source]


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