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Season 03, Episode 15

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Our hosts discuss a fortnight's worth of Linux-related gaming.

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Our Gaming

John briefly covers a few games he played since the last cast appearance, starting with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Terraria which is now out of beta, along with Synergy and Codename: CURE. DOTA2 is also mentioned, using the client to watch The International 5.
DerRidda played some of the above, and two more titles, Knights of the Old Republic II, and Middle‐earth: Shadow of Mordor
Hero shares this small selection of what he has been running: Running with Rifles, Borderlands: The Pre‐Sequel, CS:GO, and Guns of Icarus: Online.

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [source] Hero’s stream [source]
BlazeRush [source] Hero’s other stream [source]
Synergy [source] entire Half‐Life 2 campaign was completed in co‐op
Worms: Clan Wars [source]
Upcoming Events:
Codename CURE [source] [source]
Planetary Annihilation, which recently had an update that adds asteroids [source] [source]
Half Life: Deathmatch [source]
Mercenary Kings [source]

Steam/Valve News

Security flaw in password reset [source]
Without Steam Guard protection via email, resetting password was possible. If you use Steam Guard, you are safe. Valve already fixed that. [source]
John mentions the SteamDB security letter [source] with the forthcoming letter being unpublished so far
Bug in Steam Client accessing library folders with kernel 3.13.0-59 [source]
Fixed [source]
SteamOS Weekend Sale 31/06 – 03/07 [source]
33 Linux games (HL3 confirmed /s)

Tech News

Interview with Croteam about Linux [source]
John mentions he has linked this as we missed it originally.


Vulkan talks by Khronos Group at SIGGRAPH [source]
Nvidia has a Vulkan talk at SIGGRAPH on Sunday
‘The Time Has Come: Powerful Profiling and Debugging Tools Arrive for Linux and OpenGL With NVIDIA’s Linux Graphics Debugger’ [source] [source]
AMD GDCE talk on Vulkan [source]
Nvidia releases 355.06 beta driver with changes to the build system [source]
AMDGPU support was added to MESA’s DRM lib [source]

General Gaming News

Talos Principle DLC, Road to Ghenna, mentioned in s03e13 now launched and review/feedback is good! [source]
The International 5 is currently taking place, has a $18,287,615 prize pool [source] [source]
John mentions ‘TI5 All Star Match Team BigDaddyN0tail vs Chuan’ [source]
Don’t Be Patchman ‐ Linux exclusive game launches on Steam in Early Access [source]
Windows Version is also coming, but developers focus on Linux for Early Access
Natural Selection 2 Derelict update [source]
Adds a new map, general performance improvements with Linux fixes focussing on file system perf, and other small improvements.
Retro City Rampage DX released [source]


Middle‐earth: Shadow of Mordor released, launched together with SteamOS weekend sale [source]

More General Gaming News

Assault Android Cactus reaches beta [source]
AdVenture Capitalist now on Linux [source]
Beware when using a non en_US.UTF-8 locale. Game doesn’t work correctly, also savegame gets corrupted and has to be reset: [source]
Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked announced [source]
Star Citizen: Linux Client in a not too distant future [source] [source]
Alien: Isolation port proceeding. Depots already have content! [source]
Trine 3 ends early access on 20th August [source]
‘The Linux and Mac versions are underway and we’ll hopefully have something to show soon!’
Humble Jumbo Bundle 4 added Screencheat and Freedom Planet with DRM free and Steam Linux versions.
Humble Bandai Namco Bundle, includes Deadcore for Linux [source]
DerRidda mistakenly says Homefront when he meant to say Homeworld:
‘Sorry, Linux players ‒ no planned Linux version at this time.’ Aspyr ported Homeworld Remastered Collection to Mac. [source]
Let Gearbox and Aspyr know: Linux versions are desired!
Motörhead themed expansion for Victor Vran [source]
Homefront: The Revolution resurfaces at Gamescom 2015 and is still headed to Linux [source] [source]
Paradox studio Colossal Order show off first Cities: Skyline expansion After Dark [source]
Paradox studio Obsidian showed Pillars of Eternity expansion on stage (release 25th August)
Paradox announced a new game, Stellaris, a grand strategy 4X space game, [source], coming to Linux. [source]


Everspace, an Arcade Space Sim with rogue‐like elements [source]
Unreal Engine 4 by former Galaxy on Fire 2 developers, definitely plan a Linux release. Corben got this as reply [source]


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