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Season 03, Episode 10

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Lisa Brown


Our hosts have a chat with game designer Lisa Brown (wertle) followed by lively discussion of Linux gaming

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introduces , and special guest,

Our Gaming

Built a giant base for survival in Rust [source]
Gunned his way through some Arms Race on the new US SteamLUG CS:GO server steam://connect/ [source]
Raced around procedurally-generated tracks in Distance's new Trackmogrify mode [source]
Streamed daily challenges for twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus and rogue-like rhythm game, Crypt of the Necrodancer [source] [source] [source]
Snuck in some Invisible, Inc. [source]
Engaged in some high-speed racing survival in Distance [source]
Killed hordes of bugs in Alien Swarm [source]
Pointed and clicked through the Double Fine Adventure, Broken Age [source]
Puzzled through overlapping worlds in Parallax [source]
Reached the conclusion of TD/FPS-hybrid Sanctum 2 [source]
Completely explored all that FEZ has to offer [source]
Learned again how to play Super Meat Boy [source]
Managed some mayhem in Dungeons 2 [source]
Brought golf clubs to a gunfight in Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Took his first steps in to the Crypt of the Necrodancer [source]
Was hunter and hunted others in the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, Evolve [source]
Explored the bug-fixed and updated City 17 in Half-Life 2: Update [source]
Played a lot of her go-to game: rogue-like early access title from Vlambeer, Nuclear Throne [source]
Enjoyed the social aspects of Destiny [source]
Played some Dark Sector as research for an upcoming stream series on game design [source] [source]
Dared to play with unconventional weapons in entries from the recent Ludum Dare game jam [source]
Designed melee weapons in 's My Little Weapon Creator [source]

Chat with Special Guest Lisa Brown ()

Project Lead and Designer on Slow Down, Bull [source]
's background [source]
Game Designer with Insomniac Games - Worked on Resistance 3, Sunset Overdrive and Slow Down, Bull [source]
Attended Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology school for graduate studies [source]
Participates in game jams and creates personal projects
Slow Down, Bull is the result of an experiment at Insomniac Games [source]
Open Development model with developer streams of ongoing work [source]
First Insomniac title for desktop platforms
Linux fully supported at launch
Reception to Slow Down, Bull and its theme of stress management
How the theme of stress management became central to Slow Down, Bull
The creation of Slow Down, Bull was a team effort
Partnership with Starlight Children's Foundation [source]
The experience of Open Development and Dev Streaming
Audience make-up of Dev Stream viewers
is now going indie [source]
Making games and streaming the dev process
Class streams where plays less-examined titles, viewing them through a design lens and discusses them with an audience
Has guest developers and designers from the indie community on weekly streams
dispenses some useful advice for aspiring indie game developers
One of 's multiple projects in progress involves catching lightning bugs
Another project from the AI Jam involves encouraging a cat to play [source]
Also working on a project involving eye tracking and Unreal Engine
offers to provide Linux support for future projects when possible
Be sure to check out 's Dev streams on [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Team Fortress 2 [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Crypt of the Necrodancer (SEED: STEAMLUG01) [source]
Upcoming Events
Altitude [source]
Nuclear Dawn [source]
Sanctum 2 [source]
Magicite [source]

Other Community Stuff

sat down with another backer/forum mod and talked about Broken Age [source]
SteamLUG community member norbert wrote a proper review of Broken Age [source]
Work continues on the SteamLUG website by and Tele (Tele42)
More work on convenience features for future contributors
Cheese suggests badges for community engagement
Double Fine Game Club is playing Broken Age and chatting with developers [source]

Steam/Valve News

Update to the Steam beta client frees the UI when performing a game cache validation [source]
A game developer throws out some interesting insight on Greenlight: “The primary goal of Greenlight is not [for users] to find quality games, but [for Valve] to find games that will sell themselves." [source]

Tech News

First look at the Oculus Rift [source]
Oculus have released the recommended system specs for the consumer Rift [source] [source]
Linux and Mac support have been put on hold until the Windows experience is complete
Owlchemy Labs sponsored Austin Room Scale VR Jam [source]
Owlchemy "Chief Scientist" Alex Schwartz juggles in VR with the Vive [source]
SteamOS update 159 released [source]
AMD discusses future CPU plans [source]
CryENGINE making progress to come to Linux [source] [source]
CryENGINE EULA update and next big release [source]
Linux hints of Evolve noted on SteamDB [source]
nVidia released 346.59 driver on their "long-lived branch release" [source]

General Gaming News

ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS has left Early Access [source]
Star Wars: Battlecry - A UE4 recreation of Star Wars Battlefront [source]
Uber Entertainment developers are looking to tackle Linux-specific bugs in Planetary Annihilation [source] Galaxy client is now in public beta - Linux version coming soon [source]
Star Trek games for Linux on [source] [source]
GoatZ (Goat Simulator Zombie DLC) released [source]
Klei Entertainment has released Invisible, Inc. [source]
Massive Chalice has a release date of June 1st [source]
Previous SteamLUG Cast (s01e04) guests Screwy Lightbulb released a status update on the Maker's Eden Act 2 [source]
Civilization: Beyond Earth Winter 2015 patch finally live for Linux [source]
Two notable Assault Android Cactus updates since last SteamLUG Cast
Update 16 brings an art pass to the remaining two non-boss whitebox levels [source]
Update 16.5 does an art pass on zone 1 and updates a bunch of enemy textures [source]
Satellite Reign Linux builds have been updated to 0.6 [source] [source]
Spec Ops: The Line released (port done by VP) [source] [source]
Unmechanical Linux beta is on the horizon [source]
ARK: Survival Evolved coming to Early Access in June [source]


Power Drive 2000 - Retro early-80s, sci-fi inspired arcade racing game [source]
Darkness Anomaly - Open World Horror survival game [source]
Hero-U has launched a second crowdfunding campaign [source]


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