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Season 03, Episode 09

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Our hosts discuss their gaming, goings-on in the community, paid mods, new rules for Steam accounts and other Linux gaming news.

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Our Gaming

has been playing a little of nothing
bean () has been playing Nuclear Dawn, Cosmochoria and Assault Android Cactus
has been playing Battle for Wesnoth, Zero-K Chicken Mod, Nuclear Dawn, Kerbal Space Program, Running With Rifles, Strike Suit Zero, Crypt of the Necrodancer, BOMB, Guns of Icarus Online, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS and Distance

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
DOTA 2 [source]
Torchlight II [source]
Meltdown [source]
Dead Island [source]
Upcoming Events
Team Fortress 2 (Post-cast) [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Crypt of the Necrodancer [source]

Other Community Stuff

Linux version of 's AdventureJam entry, Above the Waves, has been uploaded for your enjoyment [source]
SteamLUG YouTube channel has updated some playlists - Videos from other SteamLUG members have been added [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam accounts must spend a minimum of $5 through Valve to have access to basic account features such as: [source]
Sending friend invites
Voting on Greenlight, Steam Reviews and Workshop items
Participating in the Steam Market
Sign-up for the HTC Vive Developer Edition is now available [source]
New openvr SDK has a github repository [source]
2-factor mobile authentication beta expanded [source]
Valve adds and then removes the ability for modders to charge for their work on non-Valve titles [source]
Plan was to start with Skyrim
Gabe Newell participates in an AMA on Reddit about paid mods [source]
Support for paid content dropped [source]
Valve gives developers the ability to ban players from their game [source]

Tech News

RedHat has joined Khronos Group [source]
Open source amdgpu has its initial driver release [source]
Blender now available via Steam [source]
Anna Sweet, public face of Steam Dev Days and Steam Machines, left Valve and joined Oculus [source]
Tech talk available: "Dynamic porting" of Dying Light for Linux/SteamOS [source]
Q & A translated from Polish and available online [source]
SteamVR Update adds 64-bit Linux support [source]

General Gaming News

SuperTuxKart 0.9 released [source]
New trailer online [source]
Now using a modified version of the irrlicht engine [source] [source]
Developers of Arma3 respond to activity on SteamDB [source]
Spec Ops: The Line Linux port receives official alpha status from Virtual Programming [source]
Half Life 2: Update now available for Linux [source] adds Linux versions of a few titles
Lords of Xulima [source]
Star Wars X-Wing Special Edition [source]
Star Wars Tie Fighter Special Edition [source]
Star Wars Rebel Assault 1 & 2 [source]

Game Releases

Kerbal Space Program [source] [source]
Verdun [source] [source]
Broken Age Act 2 [source] [source]
Dungeons 2 [source]
Cosmochoria [source]


Yooka-Laylee - A 3D Platformer Rare-vival! announced with Linux support [source]
Formula Fusion - Next-Gen Anti-Gravity Racing Game by former Wipeout devs has an unusual stretch goal format [source]


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