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Season 03, Episode 07

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Our hosts cover the many hours in the last fortnight they’ve been gaming, game development streams, and bundle politics.

Explicit language use

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bean () and

Our Gaming

beansmyname has been playing Hand of Fate, Guns of Icarus: Online, and BioShock: Infinite.
ValiantCheese has been streaming Assault Android Cactus and Curse of the Necrodancer, and completed Hand of Fate.
DerRidda played CS:GO, completed BioShock: Infinite, and enjoyed Pillars of Eternity, Cities: Skylines, Torchlight 2, and finally Shadow Warrior.

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Frozen Cortex [source]
7 Days to Die [source]
Hammerwatch [source]
King Arthur’s Gold [source]
Future Events
Natural Selection 2 [source]
Tabletop Simulator (4th April) [source]
Team Fortress 2 (10th April) [source]
Worms Clan Wars (11th April) [source]
ErbBetaPatched is looking to form clans for CS:GO and Guns of Icarus: Online [source]
Gokuxx will be helping with coordinating Dota 2 events
has been building admin features
ValiantCheese’s development stream [source] [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam survey stats, Linux usage up by 0.04 percentage points
GitHub activity, wifi restart bug [source]
CS:GO update adds quad and 5.1 surround sound options for Linux [source]

Tech News

All FOSDEM talks are viewable online [source]
AMD looking for 2 developers for improving open source driver [source]
All GDC talks are online viewable now [source]
Nvidia driver 349.12 beta released [source]

General Gaming News

Humble Indie Bundle 14:
Pixel Piracy
Super Splatters
Beat the Average: Outlast, Torchlight II [source], La-Mulana
$10: Shadow Warrior Special Edition
Humble Weekly Bundle Arggghhh!! (4 of 6 supporting Linux):
Cook, Serve Delicious
Beat the Average: Woah Dave! Tales of Maj’Eyal
Broken Age Act 2+3 will be released on 28th April [source]
Documentary episodes continue to be released [source]
Hand of Fate upgrading to Unity 5 alongside DLC [source]
War for the Overworld is out of Early Access [source]
Awesome April Fools trailer: [source]
Running with Rifles is also out of Early Access [source] [source]
Pillars of Eternity released [source]
Star Citizen on Linux still waiting on upstream renderer [source]
Pirates, Vikings and Knights II out now for Linux [source]



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