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Season 03, Episode 06

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SteamLUG hosts are joined by Director at Defiant Development and Creative Director on Hand of Fate, Morgan Jaffit, to discuss the game, the studio's history and Linux.

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bean ()
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with special guest, Morgan Jaffit () of Defiant Development

Our Gaming

Bean got through Hand of Fate, Hoard, Guns of Icarus: Online, Torchlight 2, Counter‐Strike: Global Offensive, Journey of a Roach, and finally… Assault Android Cactus
Hero has been playing Hand of Fate, Guns of Icarus: Online, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance, Torchlight 2, and Star Wars: Jedi Academy running in the FOSS client [source]
Cheese has had a small amount of time to play Hand of Fate, Assault Android Cactus, Crypt of the Necrodancer, and Shovel Knight and Worms: Clan Wars
Morgan played a tonne of Card Crawl

Chat with Morgan Jaffit

Irrational, Relic, Ubisoft, A2M (Artificial Mind and Movement), Pandemic
Set up Defiant Development as they saw an opening in the market
Been working on Hand of Fate for last two years
Hand of Fate development timeline
Early access experience
Is HoF a CCG?
Release reception
17th February
discloses his relationship with Defiant Development
Setting expectations
Being approachable to consumers
Feedback makes for a better game, better controller input support
Early access helped improve supported systems
What drove the cross-platform strategy
Rumored upcoming mobile hardware with controllers
Evolved during early access beyond mobile focus
Unity good multiplatform tool for that goal
How long Defiant Development has used Unity
Thoughts on updating to Unity 5
Contributing upstream to resolve Unity issues for Linux users
Feedback on Linux community
Linux users provide useful feedback, report bugs that can lead to resolution of upstream issues
Upcoming content updates to Hand of Fate
First DLC introduces new ways to approach the gameplay
More cards, more quest chains
Deck building's impact on Hand of Fate's gameplay and flow
Some cards are difficult and intended for token hunters
The design of Hand of Fate's difficulty and story progression
Communicating mechanics and story through game elements
Upcoming DLC free for Kickstarter backers and Early Access purchasers
Backers likely to get all DLC
Differences between the digital and physical version of the game
Player perspectives on Hand of Fate
Morgan's aviary awakes
Further thoughts on Early Access
Discussions on token hunting in Hand of Fate
How Defiant Development defined the character of The Dealer
Morgan's favorite bit of Hand of Fate
The Dealer finds his voice
Morgan's favorite game

Community Stuff

Past Events
War Thunder
Borderlands 2
Upcoming Events
Frozen Cortex
7 Days to Die
King Arthur's Gold
The new SteamLUG site is now live and testing continues on the staging server [source] [source]
New Mumble tree (coincides with new address:
Streaming page for SteamLUG members who stream on twitch or hitbox
Steam Authentication for polls and future features
Hosting provided by
Double Fine Game Club played Spy Fox 2 (joined by Sandy Spangler and Leah Verre) [source]

Steam / Valve News

Over 1,000 Linux games on Steam
Which one was #1,000? [source] [source]
Makes up over 20% of Steam's available library

Tech News

Valve's GDC talks are now available online [source] [source]
NVIDIA announces high-powered, high-priced Linux-powered development box [source]
Designed for deep learning research or other GPU-intensive tasks
Four Titan X GPUs
Pre-installed Ubuntu 14.04
NVIDIA releases CUDA 7.0 with Linux x86 and POWER8 support [source]

General Gaming News

Cities: Skyline has been released [source]
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number released [source]
and helped with testing the port to Linux
Dying Light gets another patch with some Linux-specific improvements [source] [source]
AMD Radeon support added
Performance improved significantly
Fixed a few other crashes & glitches
Spec Ops: The Line shows signs of Linux activity [source] [source]
Outland has been released for Linux [source] [source]
Bioshock: Infinite [source]
Released by Virtual Programming using eON technology, same as Witcher 2
Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 includes a few Linux games
Tetrobot & Co [source]
Titan Attacks [source]
The Inner World (Linux debut) [source]
VVVVVV [source]
Costume Quest [source]
Ironclad Tactics [source]
Shadowrun Returns [source]
GOG releases another group of LucasArts point-and-click adventures including Zak McCracken, The Dig and Loom


Descent: Underground will include Linux support


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