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Season 03, Episode 05

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John, DerRidda, and Nemoder discuss exciting developments from the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference.

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Nemoder ([source])

Our Gaming

DerRidda has been playing FTL, Hand of Fate, CS:GO and the unreleased ‘Reformat Your System Simulator 2015’
Nemoder has been playing some Factorio, the daily challenges in Crypt of the Necrodancer and some Worms: Clan Wars
John played some CS:GO during the event, yet mostly has been in pre‐launch testing of Hotline Miami 2.

Community Events

Past Events
CS: GO [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
Don’t Starve Together [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Double Action: Boogaloo [source]
Upcoming events
War Thunder [source]
Robocraft [source]
HOARD [source]
Borderlands 2 [source]

GDC News Spotlight

Game Developer’s Conference 2015 [source]
Before GDC, HTC + Valve announced VR Headset at the Mobile World Congress [source]
Ars Technica has a hands‐on report [source]
PC Gamer’s take on SteamVR [source]
Portal‐themed demo on YouTube [source]
Valve talks about ‘advanced VR rendering’ [source]
Valve issued a big press release and SteamDB had the full copy [source] [source]
Steam has grown another 50% in the last 12 months
Several new bits of hardware available in November
SteamLink streaming device [source]
Steam Controller [source]
IGN has some thoughts on the controller [source]
Steam Machines from a variety of partners [source]
Developer versions of the VR headset to be available Spring this year
The successor to OpenGL has been revealed: Vulkan is here [source]
AMD gave Khronos a kickstart by handing them Mantle
Video of Khronos Panel near GDC [source]
One API for Desktop and Mobile
NVIDIA and AMD both had demos on their respective hardware
Valve had a demo of Dota 2 running on Intel Graphics
Unreal Engine has dropped the monthly subscription fee for access to the source code [source]
NVIDIA has made the source to PhysX available via GitHub [source]
Unity 5 Personal Edition with all features of the engine available is free [source]
Source 2 has been announced as free to developers so long as the title ships through Steam [source]

Steam/Valve News

A whole slew of best‐selling games are coming to SteamOS [source]
Evolve [source]
Dying Light [source]
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor [source]
Total War: ATTILA [source]
Batman: Arkham Knight [source]
Payday 2 [source]
Saint’s Row IV [source]
GRID Autosport [source]
Company of Heroes 2 [source]
Valve has listed the soon to be available Steam Machines [source]

General Gaming News

Frozenbyte announces Trine 3 [source] [source]
Frozenbyte’s Lauri Hyvärinen about Linux support: ‘It’s alive and well. It’s coming for sure.’
Worms: Clan Wars released [source] [source]
Mad Max from Avalanche Studios will be coming to Linux [source]
Torchlight II available for Linux [source] [source]
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Cities: Skylines to be released on the 10th [source] [source]
Rex Rocket (another port) has had its Linux release [source]


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