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Season 03, Episode 04

ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder
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Ryan C. Gordon


Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder have a humble chat with epic game porter, Ryan C. Gordon, followed by discussion of news relevant to the SteamLUG community.

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Chat with Ryan C. Gordon

Ryan’s History [source]
Loki Games [source] [source]
Participated in LokiHack [source] [source]
After demise of Loki Games in 2001, Ryan continued as a contractor, porting games to Linux & Mac OS X
Working at Loki Games led to the creation of some well‐known open‐source tools like SDL and OpenAL [source] [source]
SDL being open source has allowed contributions that enable obscure targets like Sega Dreamcast or Haiku [source]
The Humble Bundle and its Humble Indie Beginnings [source]
Humble originally hosted on [source]
Ryan has a recommendation for Braid’s inclusion in the first Humble Indie Bundle
Valve reaches out to Ryan for assistance porting Steam to Mac OS X [source]
After Valve reaches their goal for a Mac version, talks of a Linux version of Steam begin
‘Get zombies on the screen!’ [source] [source]
‘The beginning of a very interesting time in Linux gaming.’
Ryan’s thoughts on GLNext
DerRidda asks what Ryan thinks of AMD’s offer to donate code from Mantle to GLNext [source]
‘Everything old is new again’ - GLide vs. Direct3D [source]
Hosts a website that was once intended to act as an incubator for open source projects [source]
Nemoder asks about goals of as a place for linux porters to host code
Cheeseness invites Ryan to talk about the impact of proprietary services on open source projects
‘You don’t really own your data. You definitely don’t own the code.’
Troubles with avoiding cloud services and hosting your own.
Ryan’s recent ports: Another World [source]
Flibitijibibo sends in massive patch for Mojoshader [source]
Work on Sanctum 2 [source] and Goat Simulator [source]
Unreal Engine 3 porting difficulties.
Unreal Engine 4 ‘could be revolutionary this could be a big big difference in how we make AAA games.’
DerRidda asks about how hard it was to go back to working with UE3 code for newer games.
Porting stresses for Dungeon Defenders [source]
Cheeseness asks if Ryan bore the brunt of Unreal Tournament 3’s failure to ship.
Evropi from chat asks for an explanation on Red Orchestra 2 port status.
Ryan has many unpaid ports like RO2 on his TODO list.
Limbo port’s bumpy history [source]
Dear Esther port and the many faces of Valve’s Source engine [source]
Insurgency and Stanley Parable not yet on Linux.
Cheeseness asks what the most significant events for Linux gaming have been.

‘Loki. Humble Bundle. SteamOS. Unreal Engine 4.’

Ryan discusses John Carmack’s view on id soft's Linux game history.
John () in chat asks how Ryan feels about Valve’s SteamOS controller.
Flibitijibibo realizes his mic is on and jumps in to talk about Valve’s lack of devkits for the controller.
DarkSim offers hugs from chat and Cheeseness asks if Ryan gets enough community love.
Cheeseness asks if post‐port game support is more difficult.
Evropi from chat asks what the hardest port has been.
Ryan talks about building Unreal 2003 on the first experimental 64bit AMD machines.
Ryan quotes original Descent developers ‘not a single line of this code is worth looking at’
Quake3 Arena code quality praised: [source]
Cheeseness asks what can game devs do to make a port easier
Middleware issues with Shank [source] [source]
LinuxZen from chat asks about the origin of the name Icculus
Cheeseness asks who ends up maintaining ports.
Ryan wants Psychonauts updated for SDL2 [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Team Fortress 2 [source]
Altitude [source]
BattleBlock Theatre [source]
Fistful of Frags [source]
Future Events
Double Action: Boogaloo (post‐cast) [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Worms Reloaded [source]
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [source]
Spacepope has put up a bunch of Don’t Starve Together Servers [source]
johndrinkwater has been putting a bunch of work into the new SteamLUG community website – feedback welcome! [source]
Double Fine Game Club is playing Grim Fandango with special guests Bret Mogilefsky, Brandon Dillon and Oliver Franzke [source]
dscharrer has put together a fix for ALSA users running Grim Fandango [source]
tergat is involved with organising the RMLL (Recontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre – Libre Software Meeting) which takes place in Beauvais, France in July. A call for papers has just been released for anybody who might be interested [source] [source]
Cheeseness is stepping down from ownership and administrative duties with the SteamLUG to focus on game development and writing [source] [source] [source] [source]

Tech News

Two more glNext sessions at GDC [source]

General Gaming News

flibitijibibo has released another ported game for Linux, Bleed [source] [source]
flibitijibibo used FNA to port this game in 78 seconds [source] [source]
Don’t Starve Together beta now has official Linux support [source]
Dead Island gets an update that fixes the loot issues and reduces the executable size [source]
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build to be released this month [source]
Hand of Fate is now out (Morgan Jaffit will be joining us as a special guest for a future episode) [source]
Toonstruck is now available on GOG with Linux support via ScummVM [source]
The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 released [source]
Linux specific updates for Metro Redux Games fix a crash issue and other updates [source] [source]
Dying Light 1.4.0 patch fixes a cross‐platform messaging issue and the ability to turn off motion blur [source]
Cities: Skylines release date set for March 10 [source] [source]

Crowdfunding News

Underworld Ascendant moves Linux from stretch goal to base deliverable (with a delayed release) [source]

Farewell thoughts

DerRidda suggests getting together again after Steam Machines are reality


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