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Season 03, Episode 01

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Corben, Bean and Cheese discuss the last fortnight's gaming news and SteamLUG community happenings including the new Team Fortress 2, community stats, OSVR, GOL's GOTY awards, Steam machines, Skullgirls, Broken Age, Gunpoint and more!

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Cheeseness () is joined by
Corben () and
bean ()

Our Gaming

Corben has been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (wine), Guns of Icarus Online, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Castle Crashers and Dynablaster Revenge
Bean found time for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Flashout 2, Cosmochoria, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Guns of Icarus Online
Cheese had fun with Flashout 2, Shovel Knight, Guns of Icarus Online and Violett

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Planetary Annihilation [source]
DotA 2 for Beginners [source]
Video archive courtesy of sakuramboo [source]
Team Fortress 2 Mannpower [source]
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [source]
Crusader Kings 2 long-form event [source]
Upcoming Events
(Post-cast) Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Trine Enchanted Edition [source]
Empire: Total War [source]
Natural Selection 2 [source]
Other Community Stuff
xpander [source] has made us a new SteamLUG Cast theme for Season 3
xpander is also still releasing videos of games running natively on Linux and under Wine [source]
Nemoder has been collecting data on the most installed games in the SteamLUG community over the past 7 months [source]
TF2, Portal, L4D2, HL2: Lost Coast, Dota 2 Test and Half-Life 2 have held the most installed positions
Civilization V, Metro 2033 and CS: GO have had the greatest increase in installs
Of the top 20, Payday 2 and RPG Maker VX Ace have had the greatest decrease in installs
wry has written a steamcmd howto for installing Windows versions of games from Linux via SteamCMD [source]
has migrated the site to use Bootstrap (feedback on the dev site is always welcome) [source]
New community poll "Most wanted genres" [source]
Some community end-of-year thoughts [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam survey [source]
Final Steam controller to be shown at GDC and Valve refutes that Steam Machines are dead [source]
Steam beta update brings FPS counter [source]

Tech News

Razer, Sensics and a group of other partners have announced OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) [source] [source]
Razer are shipping $199 "Hacker dev kit" in July [source]
Will be Apache 2 licenced and is confrimed to be running on Linux [source]

General Gaming News

Skullgirls devs are owning up their mistakes [source]
TF2 "Arena: Respawn" tournament open to all players [source]
Broken Age is getting a Linux retail release [source]
Gunpoint achievements are now working properly on Linux, thanks [source]
Caribbean Odyssey on Greenlight [source] is running their first Game Of The Year awards [source]


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