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Season 02, Episode 26

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This year’s hosts recap recent Linux gaming happenings and then take you on a reflective journey through the wonderous 2014 with all the seriousness and reverence it deserves.

Explicit language use

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Shownotes written by Nemoder


Cheeseness () forgets to introduce himself
DerRidda ()
meklu ()
bean ()
Mim ()

Our Gaming

DerRidda played Counterstrike:GO, Metro 2033 Redux, NEO Scavenger, Natural Selection 2, Starbound, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Mim played Dead Island, Sword & Sworcery, Guns of Icarus, Appointment with F.E.A.R, Don't Starve
meklu fell in love with Lovely Planet, played lots of Counterstrike:GO, also some Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, FOTONICA, The Talos Principle, Little Racers STREET
Bean played Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Guns of Icarus Online, Binding of Isaac:Rebirth, Beat Hazard, Costume Quest 2, Democracy 3, Little Racers STREET, Cosmochoria, Jets'n'Guns Gold
Cheeseness played Crypt of the Necrodancer, Guns of Icarus, Satellite Reign, Civ: Beyond Earth, Space Run, XCOM: EU
Corben78 () is stuck in a blizzard

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Civ5 Longplay attempted but postponed due to bugs
No More Room in Hell almost victorious.
Mount & Blade Warband
Synergy (HL2 mod) fun but buggy.
dscharrer has a workaround for Synergy crashes [source]

Upcoming Events

Orbital Gear (post cast)
Planetary Annihilation
Dota2 Beginners Training from sakuramboo and Dougie187 [source]
Event suggestions welcome [source]
sends his warm steamy regards

Other Community Stuff

Kaia has been putting together a guide to finding help and information for new Linux users [source]
grinsekatze/spacepope has put up a TF2 Mannpower server steam://connect/
soeb has done another Port Report, this time looking at Civ: BE [source]

Steam/Valve News

Holiday Sales drain wallets from everyone
Valve introduces region locking across the board for some countries to combat abuse [source]
CS:GO VAC Ban wave [source]

Tech News

Desura Client is now GPLv3 again. Linux support will be more of a priority moving forward [source] [source]

General Gaming News

TF2 Smissmas update Includes new beta game mode [source] [source]
Distance is on Steam Early Access now [source]
Corben78 survived the blizzard and his newborn son and joins the cast
Sportsfriends is released [source] (Joust component is Linux only since controller support in windows is broken)
OpenMW 0.34 is released [source] GOTY awards accepting nominations [source]
Natural Selection 2 fixed Linux sound crash [source] [source]

2014 Recap

This year's Cast guests:
Oliver Franzke (Double Fine) s02e02
Matt Hartman & Howard Tsao (Muse Games) s02e04
Josh Klint (Leadwerks) s02e09
Leszek Godlewski (The Farm 51/independent) s02e10
John Warner (Over The Moon) s02e12
Edwin Smith (Feral) s02e15
JP LeBreton (Double Fine) s02e16
Mevious (Rexaura) s02e18
Tak (Unity) s02e19
How the mac and linux communities respond to ports and porting companies
Valve's Greenlight's rise and fade
SteamOSe project merged upstream [source]
GOG supporting Linux [source]
Desura changes hands again and promises better Linux support and Humble Bundle's proportional decline in Linux support
More Unreal Engine 3 Linux ports, and UE4 ported by community
Mac porting houses Aspyr, Feral, Virtual Programming embrace Linux
Crowdfunding and early access hits and misses
Vintage gaming on Linux
SteamLUG Community stuff: Events, streamers, youtubers, writers, mapping challenge, clans and guilds, game jam partici-pants pants pants

Favourite games of 2014

Corben: Alien Isolation
Bean: Borderlands 2
meklu: Lovely Planet
Mim: Don't Starve
DerRidda: Wasteland 2
Cheeseness: Another World

Predictions/speculation for 2015

Most anticipated games
Corben: Evolve
Bean: Darksiders
meklu: Kingdom Come
Mim: Star Citizen
DerRidda: Witcher 3
Cheeseness: Guns of Icarus Adventure Mode


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