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Season 02, Episode 25

ValiantCheese DerRidda
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Our duo Cheese and DerRidda deftly step past a recording hiccough and discuss Handmade Penguin, the Steam Holiday Auction, BioShock Infinite, Civilization: Beyond Earth, 7DFPS and more!

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Cheese introduces
Once more, with feeling...

Our Gaming

has been playing CS:GO, Deponia and The Last Federation
has been playing some 7dfps games, Satellite Reign, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Distance and Shovel Knight

SteamLUG Community News

Altitude event [source]
Screencheat [source]
TF2 [source]
CS:GO [source]
Upcoming post-cast No More Room in Hell [source]
Upcoming Mount & Blade Warband [source]
Upcoming Synergy HL2 [source]
Upcoming X:COM Enemy Unknown [source]
Upcoming First attempt at a long-form event with Civilization V [source]
Upcoming DotA 2 for Beginners event run by community members sakuramboo and dougie187 [source]
Double Fine Game Club is playing Maniac Mansion with special guests Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick [source]
Ron and Gary join DFGC during their Kickstarter campaign for Thimbleweed Park [source]
Maniac Mansion was first to use SCUMM engine from which the open source reimplementation takes its name [source]
Cheese has been looking at games from 7dfps [source]
About 40% of the games had Linux builds
Cheese took some time to talk to some of the developers using Linux [source]
DerRidda played a bit of The Cabin [source]
Cheese enjoyed the stealth title Adams Drive 32 [source]
Photobomb, a highly-polished entry, has the player use multiple time-sequenced photos to identify a bomber [source]
Community member Sulix has been creating a companion site to Casey Muratori's Handmade Hero [source] [source]
The backlog of SteamLUG Cast has been cleared!

Steam/Valve News

Steam Broadcasting has now hit beta [source]
Steam's Holiday Auction didn't start quite as planned [source]
Portal (no number) receives an update that includes some performance fixes for Linux [source]
TF2 has another community-created game mode: End of the Line [source]

Tech News

AMD releases OMEGA to disappointing reviews [source] [source]

General Gaming News

Bioshock: Infinite is getting a Linux port [source]
Feral's GameRadar now shows Linux support [source]
Empire: Total War's multiplayer is Linux-to-Linux only [source]
Upcoming gorefest Killing Floor 2 shows off during a PS4 event [source]
Aspyr has been discussing issues getting Civilization: Beyond Earth to Linux [source]
Double Fine announce two upcoming titles for Linux: Grim Fandango Remastered and Day of the Tentacle Special Edition [source]
Mevious , a guest on s02e18, has released Rexaura on Steam [source]
The Metro Redux games arrive on Linux [source]
Trine: Enchanted Edition comes to Linux, bringing online multiplayer [source]
Croteam's first-person puzzler The Talos Principle has been released [source]
Satellite Reign is available on Steam Early Access [source]
NEO Scavenger is out of Early Access [source]
James from Extra Credits talks about NEO Scavenger [source]


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