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A Brief Autumn Breeze edited by ValiantCheese

Season 02, Episode 24

ValiantCheese Nemoder DerRidda
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Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder chat about the Steam Exploration Sale, the Jolla Tablet, Thimbleweed Park, adult games on Steam and more!

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Cheeseness () introduces himself
and DerRidda ()

Our Gaming

Nemoder has been playing Factorio, GoIO, Crypt of Necrodancer, Powerpuff Girls and rymdkapsel
DerRidda has been playing Doom 3 BFG via [source] and CS:GO
Cheeseness has been playing Prince Of Persia 1, Sanctum 2, Crypt of the NecroDancer and GOI Online

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Sanctum 2 [source]
Worms Reloaded [source]
(Post-Cast) Double Action: Boogaloo [source]
Hoard [source]
Upcoming Events
(Post-Cast) Altitude [source]
Screencheat [source]
Other Community Stuff
Linux game unboxing: Brutal Legend Limited Edition IndieBox [source]
sulix (Dave Gow, Linux game porter) has been doing a Linux port of Handmade Hero alongside the recent streams [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam "Exploration Sale" is on! November 26 till December 2. The usual rules apply [source]
Valve will be at GDC 2015 with Steam machines [source]

Tech News

Jolla Tablet is up for crowdfunding and has already crushed its initial goal [source]
GameCube controller adapter for WiiU works on Linux [source] [source]

General Gaming News

Civilization: Beyond Earth should come out in two to three weeks [source]
Geometry Wars 3 out now on Steam [source]
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to receive an expansion [source]
Goat Simulator has received a free pretend MMO DLC [source]
Daedalic Entertainment signs publishing deal that explicitly mentions Linux for a new stealth game [source] and...
The Whispered World now has a Linux depot [source]
Is Everlasting Summer the first game on Steam to feature full on adult scenes? [source]


Thimbleweed Park Point & Click Adventure by Ron Gilbert has already reached its funding goal with 20 days to go [source]
Johnny Rocketfingers (suggested by norbert) [source]
Innerspace flying/exploration game [source]
Hollow Knight [source]
Distance is getting a Steam Early Access launch [source]
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