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The Children Need to Learn the Hard Truth edited by ValiantCheese

Season 02, Episode 23

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We have a terse look at the last fortnight's gaming news, discuss some recent crowdfunding campaigns of interest, chat about programmers doing livestreams, and Cheese reports on PAX Australia.

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Our Gaming

has played a little CS:GO, some FTL
played some Borderlands 2 (Offline) and some CS:GO
played Crypt of the Necrodancer and a little Massive Chalice

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events
Killing Floor [source]
TF2 [source]
Dead Island [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Hoard [source]
Upcoming Events
Double Action: Boogaloo [source]
Worms Reloaded [source]
Sanctum 2 [source]

Other Community Stuff

Nuclear Dawn Battle Society welcomes Linux users [source]
SteamLUG members participated in the 7dfps [source]
Double Fine Game Club doing The Journey Down Chapter Two with devs Theodor Waern and Henrik Englund [source]
Cheese visited PAX Australia and was blown away by the overwhelming support for Linux [source]
Satellite Reign [source]
Assault Android Cactus [source]
Particulars [source]
Square Heroes [source]
Swordy [source]
Star Citizen FPS reveal [source]
Double Fine Fan Meetup and BBQ with Ron Gilbert [source]

Tech News

Nvidia released 346.16 beta driver which brings hw encoding for some proprietary codecs, hw-accelerated VP8 decoding for some devices and should increase performance for FBOs [source]
Former Valve developer Rich Geldreich wrote a blog post noting a port report by [source] [source]

General Gaming News

Trine Enchanted Edition is now live on Steam for Linux in beta [source]
War Thunder, a F2P tank & airplane combat game set in WW2 is now out for Linux [source] [source]
Leszek Godlewski no longer doing Linux ports. Darksiders is still happening but being held up by graphical glitches [source]
Insurgency for Linux seems to be delayed because of Valve [source]
Massive Chalice is out on Steam Early Access [source]
This War of Mine released [source]
Bad Juju Games buys Desura from Linden Labs [source]
Clockwork Empires is progressing towards a Linux release [source] [source]


The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy reaches its funding goal [source]
GOG releases a few classic LucasArts titles available for Linux [source]
Handmade Hero, a project to code a complete game, one hour a night, live via Twitch [source]
Jonathan Blow has been streaming video discussing and coding a programming language from scratch [source]
Crystal Picnic source release crowdfunding campaign by Nooskewl [source]


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