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Devious Mevious edited by johndrinkwater

Season 02, Episode 18

ValiantCheese Nemoder Buckwangs
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We’re happy to chat with level designer and renown Portal mapper Mevious as we discuss his history, Portal Pro, Rexaura, the SteamLUG Portal 2 Mapping Challenge and more!

Explicit language use

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Shownotes written by DerRidda


Cheeseness introduces
and special guest Mevious

Our Gaming

Nemoder has been playing Portal 2, Transportation Tycoon
Cockfight puzzled through Hexcells Infinite, Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2
Cheeseness enjoyed Portal 2 and Crypt of the NecroDancer
Mevious spent Five Nights At Freddy's

Portal 2 Mapping Challenge & Mevious Interview

Turn out: 7 single player maps and 7 coop maps [source]
Nemoder's favorites were Leo's map (SP) and Corben's map
Cockfight liked Corben's map
Mevious thought Brain Melter stood out
Thoughts on difficulty and/or quality
Limitations of Portal 2's in-game editor
Opinions on the coop maps
No nepotism in SteamLUG!
Mevious' history in coop maps [source]
Is Mevious just gifted or did he learn his puzzle-making skills?
Lemmings [source]
Lode Runner [source]
The Incredible Machine [source]
How did you become involved with Portal Pro? [source]
Cheeseness remembers that we should maybe ask our guest things
Who is Mevious and what does he do?
Mevious' Steam Workshop profile [source]
He worked on the mod Rexaura [source] which should come out on Steam soon.
How did you come about working with Valve/being awarded the "Employee of the Moment" award? [source]
How did the players respond to the DLC and your content?
How important is public testing to map design?
Should a puzzle have only one solution or multiple ways to solve it?
Do you ever get the opportunity to watch other people play your maps?
Your contributions to and opinion on Aperture Tag [source]
Suggestions for SteamLUG mappers
Elevator pitch for Rexaura [source]
Opinion on the new version of Hammer that shipped with the Dota 2 SDK
Advice for aspiring puzzle-makers
Our resident firefighter asks: How did you feel when Valve approached you for beta testing?
In which areas could the in-game editor be improved? And comments on BEEMOD [source]
What are you up to now?
Cardboard Sled [source]
Mapping Challenge poll results and thoughts on the highest rated maps [source] [source]
Closing thoughts on the challenge

Past Events

Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt [source]
Dota 2 [source]
Guns of Icarus [source]
Running with Rifles [source]

Upcoming Events

Post‐cast Event: Monaco [source]
6th Sat, Sanctum 2 [source]
12th Fri, TF2 [source]
13th Sat, Forced [source]

Other Community Stuff

/r/linux_gaming got a theme change; many lives were lost. [source]
SteamLUG Mapping challenge [source]
Early poll support on the website, will open the door to a bunch of other projects [source]
Cheese streamed The Maker’s Eden for Game Club [source]
Community videos from Lejoni, Nemoder and Hero of SteamLUG events and Portal 2 maps [source] [source] [source]

Steam/Valve News

Client updates: In‐home streaming has been restored [source]
Debconf talk on SteamOS [source]
Linus Torvalds talk [source]
In‐client music playback now supports Steam soundtracks [source]

Tech News

Ryan Gordon on the Linux Action Show [source]

Gaming News

Borderlands 2 confirmed for Linux [source]
Flockers has unused Linux depots [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
Superfrog HD [source]
Worms Clan Wars [source]
Empire: Total War showing signs of Linux support [source]
This War of Mine coming to Linux at launch [source]
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter devs looking into Linux support [source]
Gauntlet Linux version will only support SteamOS and won’t ship until Steam machines are available [source]
Altitude is now free [source]
Braid on Steam, port refreshed by Aaron Melcher of Knockout Games [source] [source]
Robocraft has added Linux/Mac support [source] [source]
Screencheat is now available [source]
Book of Unwritten Takes 2 hits Steam Early Access [source]
Journey Down Chapter 2 is out (plus new trailer), raised half the money needed to help build a school in Tanzania [source] [source]
Firewatch trailer and gameplay footage from PAX [source] [source]
New Civ: Beyond Earth trailer [source]
Double Fine News Bonanza
Spacebase DF-9 Update + in-fiction leadup [source] [source]
Grim Fandango Panel at PAX [source] [source]
Hack ‘n’ Slash due for release on the 9th of September [source]
Costume Quest 2 available for pre order, windsock guy confirmed [source] [source]
Massive Chalice overview from PAX [source]
Witcher 2, linux client download has appeared on GOG now as v 1.0.0
[discussion] Topic that came up on /r/linux_gaming, How is the performance of games on Linux? [source]
Feral wants to know why people play games on Linux [source]


Pathologic [source]
A Rite from the Stars was successfully funded (mentioned in S02E16) [source]


Hexcells Infinite [source]
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