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Season 02, Episode 14

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We have four hosts to take you through the previous fortnight’s Linux Gaming News, and we discuss our kickstarter funded projects and expectations. Enjoy!

Explicit language use

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Shownotes written by johndrinkwater



Our Gaming

John has been playing more LYNE, watching DOTA’s TI4, Pivvot, and Three Dead Zed
DerRidda played (and watched) DOTA, Broken Sword 2, and Pulsar
Swordfischer played Block Storm, Fractal
Cheese played Left 4 Dead 2, Guns of Icarus: Online, Hand of Fate, X‐Com, Planetary Annihilation, Starbound and testing BANG BANG BANG!

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Starbound [source]
Planetary Annihilation [source]
XCOM: Enemy Unknown [source]
Deathmatch Classic [source]
Regular Guns of Icarus events [source]
Upcoming Events:
11th Skulls of the Shogun [source]
12th Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
18th Civ V [source]
19th Team Fortress 2 [source]
Event suggestions welcome via:
#SteamLUG IRC [source]
SteamLUG Mumble [source]
Discussion thread [source]
Other Community Stuff
The Raven chapter 2 for Game Club [source]
Soeb’s XCOM article [source]
PC Gaming Wiki PLUG HERE [source]
SteamDB Linux’s crowd‐sourced repo has now confirmed 500 working titles on Steam Linux.
John mentions Braid ‘We’re doing a from-scratch Braid/linux port, but there’s no ETA yet.’ [source]
Wry is keen to organise regular Starbound gatherings [source]
psymin has been experimenting with a SteamLUG group chat bot
Upcoming Cast guests
Edwin Smith ‐ Feral Interactive
JP LeBreton ‐ Double Fine

Steam/Valve News

Steam Survey stats, up by 0.1% against other platforms
Slight growth from Mint 17, drop for Mint 16 and growth for ‘other’
Steam Client updates
Fix performance issues for overlay for subscribed guides
On s02e13 we mentioned better NV support for H/W acceleration, it’s been disabled now!
Mac/Win duplicate games are now hidden!
Epic funded this research, ReVuln ‐ Steam VOIP Security [source]

Tech News

Unity 4.5.2 released, includes fixes for mouse/freezing issues [source]
Unreal Engine 4 Linux demos [source]
John mentions issues at CrytekUK [source]
Sword is looking for a Single-Player First Person Shooter, can you recommend a title?
Leszek mentioned that he is porting DarkSiders to Linux [source]
Only the first one so far [source]
Epic sponsors Blender Development Fund to improve FBX export [source]
Oculus acquires RakNet and releases it under a simplified BSD licence [source]
OBS Studio is getting more usable, Nemoder has been streaming using it [source]

General Gaming News

Grim Fandango to get simultaneous Linux release [source]
Darksiders is being ported to Linux [source] It’s only the first one so far [source]
Dwarf Fortress update [source]
Hand of Fate launches on Steam Early Access [source]
Crawl release delayed [source]
That GIF [source]
Team Fortress 2 Pre-Alpha map update [source]
Dragon’s Lair for Linux is ‘in the pipeline’ [source]
Mountain is now available [source]
Virtual Programming have opened a beta channel on Steam with improvements to The Witcher 2 [source]
Natural Selection development handed off to the ‘Community Development Team’. Linux devs wanted [source]
2K Bundle includes XCOM [source]
Weekly Bundle: Gamepedia includes Stacking [source]
Store has its DRM Freedom Sale [source]
Eye Candy Weekly Sale is still available? [source]
Steam releases
Sakura Spirit [source]
Quest for Infamy [source]
Deponia: The Complete Journey [source]
Q*bert: Rebooted [source]
Three Dead Zed (zombie platformer) [source]
Hand of Fate [source]
Mount and Blade: Warband [source]
Cult of the Wind [source]
Greenlight [source]
Ionic Surge, Wipeout‐alike [source]
Attractio [source]
Bonetown, third-person fantasy-adventure [source]
Parcel, 3rd person maze puzzler [source]
Coloropus [source]


Nixie Pixel has a Patreon [source]
Cheese asks about our thoughts on Crowdfunding progress and experiences…
John mentions Dyscourse [source], NOWHERE [source], Neverending Nightmares [source]
Blender Open Movie Projects [source]
Leadworks [source]
The Maker’s Eden (We interviewed them back in s01e04!) [source]
Expeditions Conquistador [source]
Battle Worlds: Kronos [source]
The Fall [source]
Race The Sun [source]
Chasm [source]
Wasteland 2 [source]
Cheese mentions Planetary Annihilation [source], Distance [source], and Maia [source]
Star Citizen [source]


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