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Season 02, Episode 09

ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder
Special Guests
Josh Klint


We’re joined by Josh Klint from Leadwerks to chat about his porting experience, all the challenges he had overcomed thus far, where his project will be heading in the future and the response he got from the Linux community. Then, Cheese, DerRidda and Nemoder will chat about some past events, Humble Bundles, Greenlight titles, interesting crowdfunding projects and more! Please note that during the recording of this episode, we experienced server difficulties. Apologies to those who tuned in live and for any remaining audio issues that we were unable to resolve during editing.

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Cheese introduces
Nemoder [source]
Josh Klint
Our Mumble server misbehaved during the recording, apologies in advance for all of the issues you may encounter during the listening of this cast
Sadly John couldn’t join us today (he passes on his apologies)

Our Gaming

DerRidda played Dota 2, FTL, Rising Storm
Nemoder played Factorio, A Tale in the Desert, Guns of Icarus
Cheese played The Fall, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Guns of Icarus Online, Sanctum 2, Worms: Reloaded, Synergy, FTL, Nuclear Dawn, Neverball.
Josh played Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, L4D2

Chat With Special Guest Josh Klint from Leadwerks

Leadwerks in a nutshell [source]
XCode [source]
Code::Blocks [source]
Visual Studio [source]
History of Leadwerks
What made supporting Linux attractive?
Leadwerks’ Kickstarter campaign (211% funded) [source]
Crowdfunding response
Canonical [source]
LinuxCon [source]
Estimating your funding goal on Kickstarter
Linux support
OpenGL 4 renderer for Leadwerks 3.1 [source]
AMD/ATi [source]
NVIDIA [source]
Intel HD Graphics [source]
Porting hurdles/pleasant surprises?
OpenGL [source]
GTK+ [source]
Qt [source]
GTK+ 3 [source]
Projects using Leadwerks engine
Steam page [source]
Hoodwink [source]
Combat Helo [source]
Dangerous Rays [source]
Leadwerks availability
Leadwerks [source]
Steam page [source]
Ubuntu Software Center [source]
Thoughts about the competition (UE3, CryEngine) changing to very aggressive pricing policies.
Unreal Engine [source]
CryEngine [source]
Blender Plug-in
How do you approach the challenge of supporting a wide range of Linux distributions?
Do you intend to target Steam Runtime in the near future?
Steam Runtime [source]
Taking advantage of Steam Workshop and the sharing capabilities within the Steam platform
Steam Workshop [source]
Technical level required to approach Leadwerks Engine

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Guns of Icarus Online (post-cast event with over four full ships - played for 12 hours with people dropping in and out) [source]
Little Racers STREET (fun event, some lag issues) [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
Synergy (full HL2 run plus some HLe1) [source]
Upcoming Events:
Post cast Dota 2 [source]
Nuclear Dawn release celebration event [source]
CS: Source [source]

Other Community Stuff

A number of people participated in Ludum Dare [source]
Tigge worked on a diving game [source]
Game Club had Marco Rosenberg from King Art join us to chat about BoUT [source]
The Book of Unwritten Tales [source]
Game Club will be playing Spy Fox (kid oriented point and click adventure with Linux support) [source]
Spy Fox in ‘Dry Cereal’ [source]

Steam/Valve News

Large client update [source]
Cheese had the opportunity to have a go of SteamVR
SteamVR [source]
Oculus Joins Facebook [source] (mentioned previously on s02e07)
Facebook’s Oculus acquisition Press Release [source]

General Gaming News

HIB weekly sale [source]
Awesomenauts, Rocketbirds. Sanctum 2 has Linux beta but not listed in the sale
Note: When Cheeseness says ‘There’s nothing in this bundle’, he actually said ‘There’s nothing *new* in this bundle’ but the ‘new’ got lost due to Mumble issues
Shadowrun weekend Steam sale [source]
Hack ’n’ Slash trailer, Steam Early Access on 6th [source]
Factorio trailer [source]
Crypt of the NecroDancer will have Linux builds for pre-orderers super soon [source]
‘FYI,we support Linux because we <3 Linux. Linux games usually don’t sell enough to justify the extra effort but we do it anyway out of love!’ [source]
The Fall will be released on June 1st [source]
Backer-only update [source]
Neverball has a new release soon (next week most likely) [source]
Neverball 1.6.0 release notes [source]
Escape Goat 2 has strong Linux stats after first month [source]
Rust [source]
Garry’s Mod [source]
Unreal 4.1 has Linux publishing support (editor still coming) [source]
Borderlands 2 Linux hype [source] [source]
Gearbox Software [source]
Full Bore part 2 coming soon [source] [source]

Steam releases

Freddi Fish and Luther’s Water Worries [source]
Freddi Fish 2: The Cave of the Haunted Schoolhouse [source]
Spy Fox 2 [source]
Putt-Putt and Pep’s Dog on a Stick [source]
The Last Federation [source]
Wing IDE (python IDE) [source]
Nekro entered Early Access [source]
Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition [source]
Out of the Park Baseball 15 [source]
Broken Sword 5 Episode 2 [source]
Steam Greenlight April 29th Batch [source]
43 out of 75 titles mentioning Linux support
Flashout 2 [source]
Outcast Reboot HD (unlikely to meet its primary Kickstarter goal nor its Linux stretch goal) [source]
CHAOS - In the Darkness [source]
Nikki and the Robots [source]
Source [source]
The Universim [source]


The Universim [source]
Spore [source]
Last Life [source]

Sign off

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