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Season 02, Episode 07

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We, er, are still flabber‐ghasted at the Facebook Oculus acquisition but we barrel on through the show without it derailing us too much, we dip into our thoughts on Open Source bundles and projects, and cover the latest Steam gaming news, why not have a listen?

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Cheese introduces

Our Gaming

Cheese played Octodad, Bridge Constructor, Spacebase DF9, Spelunky, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Solar Flux, Serious Sam 3 (event), Stealth Bastard Deluxe, FTL: Faster Than Light, Monaco and Portal 2.
John watched Free To Play (again) and DOTA 2 TI2 replays, poked Eclipse, played System Shock 2, and tested some Humble QA stuff.
DerRidda played Monaco, FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition, System Shock 2.

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Previous fortnight’s events:
TF2, Killing Floor, HOARD, Serious Sam 3 co‐op.
Upcoming Events:
TF2 (post-cast) [source]
Duke Nukem 3D [source]
Oil Rush [source]
Starbound [source] server thanks to Nemoder [source]
Regular GoI Online events outside of the normal schedule [source]
Other new-for-SteamLUG events in April: Little Racers STREET, Synergy
Request for US‐based gamers to manage events for that timezone (North and South America)

Other Community Stuff

Cheese interviewed Tim Schafer “since our first Humble Bundle, we’ve always been really committed to Linux”
Expecting future PC release titles to have simultaneous launches. [source]
norbert_ has been working on a new steamlug-bot. Code is up on github. [source]
John wrote a quick blog at SteamDB to explain how steam works and why some new ports launch ‘broken’ [source]
Game Club will be doing The Book of Unwritten Tales starting this week [source]
Cheese released a new F/OSS project called Transcriberer which we’re using to assist with SteamLUGcast shownotes [source]

Steam/Valve News

Client updates: in-home streaming is disabled *from* Linux, Mac, some Windows [source]
Following on from their GDC talk, John McDonald, Cass Everitt and Graham Sellers held a Reddit AMA [source]
Valve GitHub news, some new repos:
SteamOS Mesa [source]
SteamOS kernel [source]
New Steam Greenlight bunch, 42 out of 75 offering Linux support
Full list [source]
Chaos Reborn s02e06 [source]
Wander s01e09 [source]
Windward [source]
Paragon [source]
Impulse [source]
True Combat: Elite [source]

Gaming News

FTL Advanced Edition is out [source]
Steam Releases:
Escape Goat 2 [source]
SYSTEM bloody SHOCK bloody 2 [source]
Tele (Tele42) mentions that Braid is wine‐wrapped. [source]
We then get into an archival / preservation / DRM conversation
GameSpy servers to be shutdown next month [source]
Back to Steam Releases:
FaeVerse Alchemy [source] [source]
Breach & Clear [source]
Humble Bundle
PC and Android 9
Broken Sword 2, Bridge Constructor, Type:Rider s02e06, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Kingdom Rush, Knights of Pen & Paper
Weekly - Destructoid
Little Inferno, Super Hexagon, Natural Selection 2, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, Hotline Miami
‘Open Source’ bundle, Cheese gives us his thoughts, after we encourage him to share.
Facebook buys Oculus for $2 billion dollars, [source] [source]
Quite a few Valve developers are migrating, Michael Abrash being the most prominent
Notch voices his opinion, as a large backer [source]
That tweet: ‘@minliangtan@notch perhaps we can help out. Will be in touch.’ [source]
John mentions TruePlayerGear [source]
Sony’s VR HMD [source]
UE 4.1 has gained partial export to linux/steamos ‐ thanks community! [source]
VOGL supports UE4 [source]
Big bunch of TF2 fixes, hints at new ‘moonbase’ game mode [source]
Linux Game Awards open for voting for this month’s nominees [source]


Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin - a Ratchet & Clank-alike action/platformer about exploration, crazy weapons and smashing things [source]
John honestly does mean Clank, he just cannot get the words out for some reason…
Cult County ‐ first-person survival horror game that blends the episodic story‐telling of The Walking Dead with the classic tension‐filled exploration and action of Silent Hill and Resident Evil [source]


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