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Season 02, Episode 05

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John is joined by DerRidda and Nemoder to chat about recent SteamLUG events, Leadwerks, NVIDIA’s Gameworks, Greenlight titles, Humble Bundles and more!

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John introduces
Nemoder [source]

Our Gaming

DerRidda has been playing more Dota 2, “Papers, Please” and Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 under Windows
Nemoder has been playing Guns of Icarus Online, Heroes of Newerth
John has been playing Rogue Legacy, ETS2, DeadFall Adventures (free weekend), NMRIH and Portal 2

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Upcoming events:
FORCED after cast [source]
Friday 14 08:00pm DOTA 2 [source]
Saturday 15 08:00pm Natural Selection 2 [source]
Friday 21 09:30pm (after cast) Team Fortress 2 [source]

Steam/Valve News

New Steam hardware survey numbers for February show no significant changes, Valve finally lists platforms properly [source]
Gabe Newell AMA [source]
CS:GO is being worked on but no ETA
Gabe himself uses Debian
Valve seems to have no plans concerning (better) Wine integration
Says that there is “surprisingly little” trouble getting developers to add Linux support
see also [source]
Client Beta [source]
Steam Family Sharing is available for everyone [source]
Greenlight titles [source]
Crawl [source]
Decadance [source]
Livalink [source]
Lost Squad [source]
NOWHERE [source] [source]
Star Rift [source]
Vendetta Online [source]
Volt [source]
ZED [source]
Backstage Pass [source]
Curse of Blackwater [source]
Crio-Dead:Memory [source]
Fall Weiss [source]
Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel [source]
Gang Beasts [source]
Memories of a Fisherman [source]
Monstrum [source]
My Lands [source]
Paper Dungeons [source]
ReVeN [source]
Telepath Tactics [source]
Super Chibi Knight [source]

Gaming News

Leadwerks for Linux should release later this month [source]
Tropico 5 shows first gameplay trailer [source] [source]
Shelter and Pid are getting ported to Linux “Not my badger babies!” [source]
Independent WebGL based city builder Citybound will not simulate individual poop blops but kindly asks for donations [source] [source]
Powerpuff Girls game to release on Linux on March 14th, Linux gaming has now reached its ultimate peak [source]
NVIDIA bringing GameWorks to Linux [source] [source]
Frictional Games show in-engine trailer for SOMA [source] [source]
Humble Bundles:
Past Bundles:
Humble Indie Bundle 11 [source]
Current bundles:
Devolver Digital, 5 games 5 films (2 on Linux: Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior Classic Redux) [source]
Humble Mobile Bundle 4 [source]

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