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Season 02, Episode 03

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Swordfischer, John and DerRidda get together once again to talk about what they’ve been playing, discuss some Valve news, interesting crowdfunding campaigns, Greenlit titles and more! Thanks to the wonderful for editing the casts so far this season.

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Shownotes written by johndrinkwater


John introduces

Our Linux Gaming

Sword has been playing Rogue Legacy, Savant - Ascend, RUST, Gravity Badgers
DerRidda has been playing Dota 2, NEO Scavenger, Starbound and a bit of Cities In Motion 2
John has been playing lots of Minecraft, Serena, TF2, ETS2, FORCED, Worms: Reloaded

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past events:
Painkiller: H&D [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
TF2 [source]
Upcoming events:
CS:S [source]
HOARD [source]

Steam/Valve News

Client Betas shipped with more Music backend in big picture, though currently disabled.
Steam Music Community Group [source]
If you launch the Steam client with the flag -steamos you get direct access to the beta
A further update yesterday adjusted package, meaning smaller deltas between updates
The same update officially moved to the latest runtime version, which removes libs, and disables some libs support for some audio codecs, very few games used them but there may be breakage if game devs haven’t patched yet
TF2 just got a patch, removing exploits and adjusting weapons; also adds some server features for better supporting their new gameserver stuffage [source]
Oniken, second Wine‐bottle shipped on Steam [source]
Has some awful chmod’s for OSX as well [source]
Other bottle is CID the dummy [source]
Source code for System Shock 2 and Thief 2 for the Dreamcast [source]
Dark Reign 2’s source code [source]
Info about the leak [source]
Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition video that John refers to [source]
Dwarfs!? bundles some broken libraries that need user interaction to launch the game [source]

Gaming News

New batch of Greenlight titles [source]
Kromaia, arcade shooter with eye‐melting visuals [source]
The Mims Beginning (discussed previously on s02e02) [source]
CATDAMMIT!, an arcadey action game where you destroy eveything [source]
Glitchspace [source]
Port dates
Papers Please due 12th Feb [source]
Gunpoint FAQ updated with extra details on Linux port + workshop addition [source]
Newly announced sequel to Space Pirates and Zombies to support Linux [source]
Octodad: Dadliest Catch launched [source]
Some articles on Linux development, either porting to, or dev‐ing on:
Porting ‘You Have to Win the Game’ detailing some frustrations [source]
Porting from Windows to Linux, bringing up a port natively first with stubbing [source]
Leszek’s article on enabling remote debug on steam machines [source]
Oculus have released their latency tester as an open hardware project with open licences (firmware, schematics and STL files for 3D printing + STEP files for injection mold) [source]
Cross platform input lib for Unity [source]
Double Fine Humble Weekly Sale (all titles support Linux) [source]
Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2014 [source]


Sinister - cross platform modular handpad with haptic feedback and mouse passthrough [source]
Razer Nostromo [source]
NOWHERE, is 79% of the way to the Top 100, [source]
Distance has a new alpha gameplay video out, its looking great [source]


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