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Season 02, Episode 01

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We’re back with a new season after a short holiday break. Cheese is joined once again by johndrinkwater and swordfischer to chat about the recent community events, Steam Machines unveiling at CES, new Humble Bundles and the credits interface present in Double Fine’s adventure game ‘Broken Age’! Enjoy!

Explicit language use

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Shownotes written by johndrinkwater


Cheese introduces

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Left 4 Dead 2 (free to own promotion) [source]
Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Team Fortress 2 Smissmas Event [source]
Dota 2 [source]
Upcoming Events:
Guns of Icarus Online (post-cast) [source]
Nuclear Dawn (servers being donated by Xeno Gamers) [source]
Xeno Gamers Steam Group [source]
Xeno Gamers official site [source]
ND Battle Society Steam Group [source] article [source]
Nuclear Dawn event video courtesy of Xpander [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
No More Room In Hell [source]
Brütal Legend (Early Rocktober) [source]
Painkiller [source]

Other Community Stuff

Recap end of year thank-you stuff [source]
New SteamDB logo by Cheeseness [source]
Xpander has a video looking at the tools he uses in his gameplay videos [source]
HadBabbits has given us a copy of Surgeon Simulator to give away [source]
Leadwerks Indie Edition [source]
Cheese’s Neverball ball tutorial [source]
Github repo [source]
Reflections on /r/linux_gaming’s month of self moderation? (mentioned in s01e16) [source]
: ‘I dislike it a lot.’
Feedback post [source]
swordfischer refers to this comment by rekonq [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam Machines at CES (which stands for Consumer Electronic Show)
Valve news post [source]
CES Press sheet PDF [source]
SteamDB roundup [source]
Steam survey stats [source]
Minor increase on Linux platforms
Mint 16 64 bit is the biggest riser from the previous month’s results
No sign of SteamOS yet
GitHub activity
A pretty quiet Christmas but theres a beta update coming soon that fixes overlay from not using custom themes, library issues with the runtime/overlay. The known issue about running non-steam games without the runtime is being considered. There’s a feature request to opt-in, per game, to use the runtime.
Steam Client Beta Updates [source]
Download Steam games not marked for Linux [source]

Our Gaming

has been playing lots of Rogue Legacy.
has been playing Gear Up, Runner 2, Joe Danger 2, Surgeon Simulator, Kairo, Spelunky, Assault Android Cactus, Fester Mudd (will be doing for Game Club next), SBDF9 and Worms: Reloaded.
finished Thomas was Alone. He also has been playing Gravity Badgers, Hero Academy, TF2 and the Humble Bundle X games (To the Moon, Joe Danger 2, Papo & Yo, Reus and Surgeon Simulator)

Gaming News

Linux Game Award’s first Project of the Month Award goes to 0 A.D [source]
Steam Releases
CID The Dummy released on Steam [source]
Out of the Park Baseball 14 released on Steam [source]
Violett released on Steam [source]
RaySupreme 3D released on Steam [source]
Secrets of Rætikeon on Steam Early Access [source]
Cities in Motion 2 [source]
Deadly 30 [source]
3089 [source]
Deadfall Adventures releases a Linux Beta [source]
Farm 51 announces Get Even [source]
Humble Bundle X [source]
To The Moon, Joe Danger 2, Papo & Yo, Runner 2, Reus, Surgeon Simulator 2013, HOARD, Strike Suit Zero and Toki Tori 2+
Drifter devs send word that they’re close to launching on Steam Early Access and have ports to other platforms progressing as well [source]
Desurium is no more (repo has been locked down and community admins have been removed) [source]
Development is being continued as Linden Lab’s desura-app, which requires a CLA [source]
TwoTribes suffers some setbacks. Assurances have been made that existing titles will continue to be available. [source]
Devs talking about Linux providing good sales figures [source]


The Mims Beginning is nearly funded (mentioned previously in s01e16) [source]
Xpander’s video [source]
GamingOnLinux article [source]
Hand of Fate [source]
Discussion point: How do we find out about crowdfunding projects and how do we personally decide what to back? Are we having to be more discerning now than this time last year?
John refers to Pillow Castle’s The Museum of Simulation Technology [source]
Tech Demo video [source]
Greenlit titles supporting Linux [source]
Broken Age is imminent (a few days away for backers, not too long after that for Steam Early Access). [source]
Backer-only thread [source]
Oliver Franzke will be joining us next Cast [source]
Correction: Broken Age part 1 will be available to the public on the 28th, not the 30th. [source]
Correction: Only 13,500 or so of the 90,000 Broken Age backers are included in the credits.
Cheese deserves a slap on the wrist for talking about dates before they were publicly announced.


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