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Gearing Up Your Kerbals edited by robertoszek

Season 01, Episode 15

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Cheese is joined again by Mim and DerRidda to chat about Steam updates, Steam Machine and SteamOS news, Humble Bundles, and hopefully #BringBackSteamChess.

Explicit language use

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Cheese introduces

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Past Events:
Nuclear Dawn bughunt event (following last cast s01e14 with Nicholas Hastings) [source]
Hammerwatch event [source]
Gauntlet [source]
Dota 2 [source]
TF2 MvM [source]
Valve updates TF2 in the middle of the match [source]
Forced event [source]
Secret of the Magic Crystals Stream [source]
Upcoming Events:
No More Room in Hell [source]
Worms: Reloaded [source]
Counter-Strike: Source [source]
Secret of the Magic Crystals event [source]
SoTMC jingle [source]
SoTMC VOD Part 1 of 2 [source]
SoTMC VOD Part 2 of 2 [source]

Other Community Stuff

Help thread [source]
#BringBackSteamChess [source]
Kentucky Route Zero Act 2 with Jake Elliott this weekend for Game Club [source]

Steam/Valve News

Big bunch of features moving out of beta into stable (breaks Steam in Wine) [source]
Wine 1.7.8 [source]
Red Orchestra 2 [source]
Terraria [source]
Steam Machines only available to US beta participants [source]
SteamOS beta launch [source]
Big Dota 2 update incoming [source]

Our Gaming

What have we been playing lately?
Mim has been playing Team Fortress 2 (MvM event), finished Faster Than Light, Plants vs Zombies and The Room
Star Trek - Spock vs Kirk Battle Scene from the episode Amok Time [source]
DerRidda has been playing Starbound and NEO Scavenger
He also mistakes Michigan with Massachusetts [source]
Cheese has been playing Gear Up, Battle Worlds: Kronos, Shuffle Puck Cantina, Particulars, Forced, TF2, Starbound, Hammerwatch, Worms: Reloaded and Nuclear Dawn

General Gaming News

Jagged Alliance - Back in Action, Betatest for Mac and Linux version [source]
Telsagrad should be launched by the time we read this [source]
Steam page [source]
Greenlight page [source]
Humble Bundle stuff
Past Humble Weekly sale had Knytt Underground and Night Sky [source]
New Humble Weekly Sale has Dwarfs?! and Killing Floor [source]
New Humble Jumbo Bundle has Serious Sam 3, NS2, GMod [source]
New games on Steam
Not The Robots on Steam [source]
Rust is available on Steam Early Access [source]
Entropy on Steam Early Access [source]
Particulars on Steam Early Access [source]
Starbound on Steam Early Access [source]
Broken Sword 5 realeased on Steam [source]
Maia on Steam Early Access [source]
Double Fine announce Hack n Slash + ARG [source]
Forum thread [source]
Gear Up is now working again under Linux [source]
Apotheon is available for preorder [source]
Kerbal Space Programme to get multiplayer thanks to community mods [source]
FTL: Advanced Edition [source]
Meme mentioned by DerRidda [source]


Hand of Fate got funded [source]
Planetary Annihilation slips to “When it’s done” [source]
Wasteland 2 is now in Beta [source]
Elijah Wood Joins Cast of Double Fine’s Broken Age [source]
Backers-only thread [source]
Animators AMA [source]


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