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If Only We Could Find The Words edited by johndrinkwater

Season 01, Episode 12

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We attempt to talk about games and events in our community, but we lose all sense of verbs.

Tolerable language

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Shownotes written by johndrinkwater


Cheese introduces
John says hello
Sword is back!

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Guns of Icarus Online [source]
Planetary Annihilation [source]
Upcoming events
TF2 Halloween Event [source]
Left 4 Dead 2 [source]
Assault Android Cactus [source]
Monaco [source]
Painkiller H&D [source]
DOTA 2 [source]
Contact , or if you want to help out with Events
Discussion Thread for Events [source]
Cheese wrote about the Steam Hardware and Software Survey [source]
Sanatana Mishra of Witchbeam will be joining us for the next episode s01e13
FORCED developers will be joining us for a future episode
Painkiller H&D porter Leszek Godlewski will be joining us for a gaming event

Steam/Valve News

Left 4 Dead 2 now out of beta [source]
Team Fortress 2 now has Rift support [source]
Steam’s OpenVR [source]
SteamDB speculates a connection with ‘Vortex’? [source]
InfinitEye dual screen HMD demoed on Linux [source]
Nixie Pixel’s ‘Why should I care about SteamOS?’ [source]
(At this point in editing, I wanted to call the cast Citation Needed, but you’ll find out why I changed it later…)
First HL2 non-Valve free mods
Synergy [source]
No More Room in Hell [source]
Legendary Bibo made a ‘SteamOS’ boot theme for Grub 2 [source] [source]

Our Gaming

Cheese ‐ Another World, Worms Reloaded, Monaco, TF2, SpaceBase DF 9, Guns of Icarus, L4D2, Assault Android Cactus, Costume Quest, Super Hexagon
Sword ‐ Legends of Aethereus, Killing Floor, FORCED
John ‐ Team Fortress 2 for Halloween, Killing Floor, Ticket To Ride, Guns of Icarus event, The Bards Tale, Little Inferno, Monaco, Worms, FLIBITPORT

Gaming News

Cipher Prime (makers of Spice and Fractal) are hunting for testers [source]
FORCED is available for Linux [source] [source]
Inverto trying to get on Greenlight [source] it is in [source]
Ryan sends word that he’s still working on Citizens of Earth following the unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign
100 Greenlit Titles [source]
Particulars [source]
Flowstorm [source]
Drifter [source]
Shuffle Puck Cantina [source]
Zigfrak [source]


Knite & the Ghost Lights [source] [source]
7th Guest is getting a threequel! [source]
Red Baron came and went [source]
Secrets of Rætikon [source]
Spine Features, a 2d graphics library for animations [source]
Pulsar funded successfully [source]


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