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Season 01, Episode 11

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Special Guests
Ryan Vandendyck Ethan Lee


Another special episode for your listening pleasure! This time, we are joined by Ryan Vandendyck of Eden Industries and Linux/Mac porter Ethan ‘flibitijibibo’ Lee, chatting about Citizens of Earth, Waveform, Steam Greenlight, porting games and more! Enjoy!

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Cheese introduces
attends the cast, also known as Ethan Lee [source]
is also present
Ryan Vandendyck, founder of [source]
Waveform [source]
Citizens of Earth [source]
Crowdfunding campaign [source]
How did Ethan and Ryan get in touch with each other?
What was the initial reason for you wanting the audio work done?
Are there still chances of that content for Waveform making an appearance at some stage?
Ethan Lee, were you expecting to be doing any porting going into Waveform and going out of that?
What kind of reception have you got from Linux users in regards to Waveform?
How you find that has changed at all since Steam for Linux has been released?
Does Ethan Lee think that there are any outstanding issues with the Steam for Linux client?
Waveform’s interface mechanics seems intuitive, did it go through any polishing?
Thoughts on the new Steam Controller
Inspirations behind Citizens of Earth
How long have you been working of Citizens of Earth?
You launched a crowdfunding campaign now, how has that changed how you approach working on the game?
Do you think the extra visibility that even a failed crowdfunding campaign has any downsides?
Ryan reveals exclusive information on SteamLUG Cast!
When Citizens of Earth is released, can we expect an simultaneous launch?
Ethan talks about what he’s learned between porting Waveform and today
Using F/OSS libraries made Waveform easier to develop and to port
Open sourcing games
‘Dude, everybody’s code is terrible!’
Ryan’s plans for the future
Android port of Waveform
Possible ports of Waveform and Citizens of Earth to Nintendo platforms
Eden Industries’ ‘Garden of Indie’ initiative [source]
Porting to new platforms and architectures takes work
Ethan’s plans for the future.
Blueberry Garden’s Linux release. [source]
Currently working on 4 - 6 concurrent ports
One ‘Massive’ project for 2014
Citizens of Earth Linux port
From a porting perspective, what makes a title big or small?
Ryan’s work prior to Eden Industries’ founding in May 2010
Next Level Games [source]
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon [source]
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon [source]
Mario Strikers Charged [source]
Spiderman: Friend or Foe [source]
Silicon Knights [source]
Ryan Vandendyck on Sup, Holmes? [source]
Comparison between working on mainstream ‘AAA’ titles and working at Eden Industries
Exciting to work on original projects
Garden of Indie allows for a greater contribution to industry and gaming culture than individual work
British Columbia Institute of Technology [source]
Ethan’s ‘Astronomusic’ tech demo, which Cheese also worked on [source]
Dust: An Elysian Tail [source]
Do failed projects make moving onto the next project hard, or do they make you more determined?
No Linux demo if Citizens of Earth yet, but it does run comfortably in Wine
Eden Industries will continue working on Citizens of Earth regardless of the Kickstarter campaign
Announcements of exciting post-Kickstarter stuff will come soon!
The sounds of Ryan working

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Recent Dota 2 event attracted some new faces [source]
Recent Left 4 Dead 2 event [source]
Upcoming Planetary Annihilation event [source]
Planetary Annihilation pricing mentioned in s01e02
Upcoming Legends of Aethereus event [source]
Possible events for November
Natural Selection 2 is more stable now
Left 4 Dead 2 has mic support on Linux [source]
‘Late Rocktober’ Brütal Legend event
Team Fortress 2 Halloween
Killing Floor Halloween is now on GitHub [source]
Bugs and feature requests [source]
Epitron has added dynamic item highlighting for cast shownotes [source]
AMD vs Nvidia performance discussion thread [source]
Cheese’s Assault Android Cactus review [source]
Assault Android Cactus mentioned in s01e05
from Witchbeam Games, creators of Assault Android Cactus will be joining us for s01e13
Cheese’s Game Club interview with Costume Quest lead, Tasha Harris [source]
Cheese’s Game Club interview with Ron Gilbert [source]
Game Club playing Costume Quest [source]

Steam/Valve News

Steam client beta updates
Lots of big picture related changes
Steam will now better track games using launcher scripts [source]
Preparation for SteamOS related features
SteamDB has been investigating recent client updates
Web server for handling remote control [source]
Samba support for music streaming appears to have been removed [source]
Looks like x264 codecs will be used for game streaming and vorbis and mp3 for audio
Notable github happenings
Minecraft Youtuber Coestar’s first impression of Steam for Linux was that it didn’t support his distro [source]
Newer versions of Pulseaudio on some distros causing issues for some users
Steam Developer Days [source]

October Greenlight Batch

18 of 37 titles offering Linux support [source]
The Fall (congratulations to developer and recent guest, John Warner s01e10) [source]
Neverending Nightmares [source]
J.U.L.I.A. Enhanced Edition [source]
Axis Game Factory [source]
Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold [source]
Universum [source]
Fotonica [source]
Alien Swarm First Person [source]
Stanley Parable developers having trouble getting cross platform compatibility but Linux is important [source]
Alien Swarm vs Portal 2
Portal 2 vs Portal

Our Gaming

has been playing Painkiller Hell & Damnation, Payday, Portal, Teleglitch and Euro Truck Simulator 2
has been playing Animal Crossing, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Rogue Legacy, Shadow Warrior and Escape Goat
Ethan’s recent porting work
Handling feedback and who should be responsible for customer facing interaction for Linux ports
Escape Goat is now on Steam for Linux [source]
Does the player play as a photon in Waveform?
has been playing TF2, Worms: Reloaded, Costume Quest, Distance, Super Hexagon, The Fall (early prototype)

Gaming News

Humble Bundle with Android 7 [source]
Worms; Reloaded
The Bard’s Tale
Ticket To Ride
Greed Corp
Anodyne (not likely to be getting a native port) [source]
Correction: Worms: Reloaded does not support cross platform play at all (Linux users can not play with Mac users)
Rogue Legacy is now on Steam for Linux [source]
Monaco launching soon for Linux [source]
The Dark Mod is now standalone [source]
Indie Royale’s Birthday Bundle includes Perfection for Linux [source]
Trine 2: Complete Story now available DRM free with Steam key from the Frozenbyte website [source]
Dark Matter (mentioned in s01e03) is now available on Steam [source]
Nuclear Dawn for Linux is still moving ahead [source]
Roundabout is on Steam Greenlight [source]
Octodad: Deadliest Catch [source]
Xonotic Steam F.A.Q. [source]

Crowdfunding News

Citizens of Earth [source]
New Double Fine crowdfunding project, Spacebase DF-9 [source]
Project lead JP LeBreton
Spacebase DF-9 introduction videos by Welshpixie (SteamLUG Cast guest from s01e04) [source]
Skyjacker has another crowdfunding campaign [source]


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