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Falling out of Control to SteamOS edited by johndrinkwater

Season 01, Episode 10

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John Warner


We have a bumper episode for you to listen to, we interview the developer of The Fall, discuss crowdfunding, greenlight, Valve’s Living Room plans around SteamOS. Steam Machines and their controller design that they plan to share with the world. We hope you enjoy listening!

Explicit language use

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Shownotes written by ValiantCheese


Cheese introduces
emerges from the dungeon to rejoin us
John from joins us
Technical difficulties prevent from dropping in

Interview w/ John Warner from Over The Moon Games

Relic [source]
Company of Heroes [source]
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts [source]
Dawn of War 2 [source]
Dance on Broadway [source]
Raycatcher [source]
The Fall is first solo game [source]
Motivations for supporting Linux
Unity [source]
Linux is moving to the forefront
Thoughts on SteamOS?
Responses from Linux gamers regarding The Fall
Inspirations for The Fall
Metroid [source]
Limbo [source]
Monkey Island [source]
The Fall’s plot
Isaac Asimov inspired [source]
Three Laws of Robotics [source]
Character interaction?
How true to Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics will The Fall be?
How much of The Fall is conceptualised?
What kind of input are backers likely to have on the project?
Comparison between crowdfunding and publisher funded large studio development
How might feedback be handled for a crowdfunded project that has an overwhelming response?
What made crowdfunding attractive for the first episode of The Fall?
How intense is running a crowdfunding campaign?
The Fall is expected to be released March or April
The Fall’s Greenlight campaign is at #13 [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Events and Cast pages on the SteamLUG website are fixed [source]
Upcoming October events
Possible additional events pending expressions of interest
Planetary Annihilation, Verdun, Oil Rush, Kerbal Space Programme, Amnesia, A Machine For Pigs
Past events
Crusader Kings II
Cheese waffles on about Guns of Icarus Online
Cheese put out a call for Linux developers’ and porters’ opinions on audio libraries [source]
FMOD [source]
BASS [source]
, FMOD critic
Monogame [source]
List of Linux friendly audio libraries on FreeGameDev via [source]
Wwise is apparently licenceable for developers who need Linux support now (though is not officially announced yet) [source]
Sauropod posted about upcoming Linux support for Wwise in May 2013 [source]
Correction: Later Sauropod posts clarify that beta access to Wwise for Linux was delayed and they pursued FMOD for Linux [source]
Software Freedom Day [source]
Cheese’s writeup of the Launceston SFD event [source]
Rift support for Neverball [source]
SuperTuxKart [source]
demonstrated some painting using the Gimp [source]

Steam and Valve News

Valve’s Living Room announcements [source]
Gabe Newell’s keynote speech at LinuxCon (mentioned in s01e09) [source]
Living Room teaser page symbols appearing to spell Dota [source]
SteamOS announcement [source]
Steam Machines announcement [source]
Steam Controller announcement [source]
Uber Entertainment devs tweet impressions of Steam Controller [source]
Tommy Refenes’ impressions of the Steam Controller for Super Meat Boy [source]
Double Fine tested The Cave with a Steam Controller prototype in June [source]
Steam Controller support for The Fall?
Steam Machines prototype specifications announcement [source]
LibreOffice on SteamDB [source]
Steam Family Sharing [source]

Greenlight News

October Steam Greenlight titles [source]
Race the Sun [source]
Pulsar: Lost Colony [source]
Claire [source]
AdventurOS [source]
McDROID [source]
MouseCraft [source]

Our Gaming

has been playing Terraria on Windows, Dota 2, and crashing in Natural Selection 2
Cheese has been playing Assault Android Cactus, Costume Quest, Solar 2, Superfrog HD, The Raven and Link’s Crossbow Training on Wii
has been playing PixelJunk Monsters, Bit.Trip Runner 2, Electronic Super Joy, Rocketbirds, Mark of the Ninja, and some Humble QA titles
John Warner has been playing Gone Home and some GTA 5

Gaming News

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut may be coming to additional platforms [source]
Heistemup game Monaco Linux depots spotted on SteamDB [source]
Some specs for AMD hardware have been opened up [source]
Nvidia is releasing GPU documentation too [source]
Valve encouraging hardware hacking on Steam Controller/Steam Machine, promising to provide hardware CAD files
OUYA [source]
Gamasutra interview with Ryan ‘Icculus’ Gordon [source]
Incomplete Deus Ex Linux port by Loki Software [source]
Unreal Tournament 3 - a moment’s silence in remembrance of an announced title that was never delivered
Does Google Trends show an increase in Linux prominence following the SteamOS announcement? [source]
Escape Goat Linux beta getting updates [source]
Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm look like they will finally be coming to Linux [source]
Ryan Gordon suggesting Linux users should pick up RO2 ‘just in case’ [source]

Crowdfunding News

The Fall - ‘It’s pretty sweet. You should check it out.’ [source]
Nowhere [source]
Pulsar: Lost Colony [source]
Citizens of Eden [source]
Ryan Vandendyck from , will be joining us for the next episode
Neverending Nightmares [source]
Planetary Annihilation moves into beta on Steam Early Access [source]
Light [source]
Emerald [source]
The Maker’s Eden has a new demo and is available for pre-order [source]
J.U.L.I.A. [source]


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