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Season 01, Episode 09

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Swordfischer and Cheeseness have been setup for this spectacular man‐date, where they discuss some pretty awesome FOSS related news on Steam. However Cheese can’t remember which license we use and swordfischer keeps lying to himself. All this, and more lovely news from your favourite cast!

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Software Freedom Day
No Cheese, not CCNA ‐ CC‐BY‐SA.

SteamLUG Community Stuff

First Natural Selection 2 Event [source]
First Guns of Icarus Online Event [source]
Contact , or if you want to help out with Events
Discussion Thread for Events [source]
SteamLUG Team Fortress 2 Event [source]
SteamLUG Crusader Kings II Event [source]
The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief for Game Club [source]

Steam/Valve News

Warsow Greenlit! [source]
QFusion [source]
Hedgewars [source]
Steam Client Beta Update [source]
Valve Living Room Reveal [source]
Motion Controlled Portal 2 Spin‐Off [source]
Independent Game Festival [source]
IGF, Valve re‐team to offer Steam agreements to 2014 Main Competition finalists [source]
Potato Sack Bundle [source]
Steam Family Sharing [source]
Blender gets 2 parttime developers paid by Valve [source]
Half‐Life: Source [source]
Gabe’s keynote talk at LinuxCon [source]

Our Gaming

Condition Zero, Surgeon Simulator, Scrumbleship, Counter‐Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes (completed!)
Battle Worlds: Kronos, Distance, Superfrog, Assault Android Cactus, The Raven, Guns of Icarus, Gun Monkeys, Another World, Serious Sam, Thomas Was Alone, Natural Selection 2

Gaming News

Nuclear Dawn [source]
Wander now available for pre‐order [source]
Unity Linux editor support highest requested feature [source]
Humble Indie Bundle Nine
Trine 2
Mark of the Ninja
Eets Munchies
Brutal Legend
FTL: Faster Than Light
A Virus Named Tom
Humble Weekly Sale ‐ Egosoft

Crowdfunding News

The Fall [source]
The Fall on Greenlight [source]
lies the first time.
Neo Victorian Skirmish Squad [source]
GamingonLinux article [source]
Reddit post [source]
lies again.


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