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Secret of the Magic Replacements edited by johndrinkwater

Season 01, Episode 06

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We’re back, with Cheese, Mimness and DerRidda discussing the fortnight in Linux gaming, Sword’s obsession with Magical Horses and games of yore in gaming news.

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Shownotes written by swordfischer


DerRidda recently became a Humble *tester* rather than a Humble porter
Two Lof Bees Artblog [source]

SteamLUG Community Stuff

Trine 2 with Frozenbyte [source]
Secret of the Magic Crystal [source]
Contact , or if you want to help out with Events
Discussion Thread for Events [source]
Cheese’s 7DFPS game (Dance) [source]
SteamLUG 7DFPS game (Haunt) [source]
Source SDK [source]
Luigi’s Mansion [source]
Notch 7DFPS game (Shambles) [source]

Steam and Gaming related News

Steam Client Update [source]
SDL2 [source]
Leaked Screenshot (L4D3) [source]
New Greenlit titles [source]
Maia Pre-order [source]
Star Citizen [source]

Gaming News

Cheese played Legend of Dungeon, FTL
DerRidda played DOTA 2, Wargame: European Escalation and Neoscavenger
Mim played Secret of the Magic Crystal and Brütal Legend
Gunpoint [source]
Dragon’s Lair [source]
Dragon’s Lair Linux Port discussion thread [source]
Cheese received confirmation from Digital Leisure that a Linux port of Dragon’s Lair is coming
Magical Time Bean [source]
Magical Time Bean Indie Game Stand happy platform breakdown [source]
DOTA 2 International [source]
Monaco [source]
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition [source]
Shadow Warrior Classic Redux [source]
Saloon Shootout Simulator 2013 [source]
A Song of Ice and Light [source]
Mesa Crowdsourcer [source]
Mysterical laugh from the past, ha ha!
Battle Worlds Kronos Kickstarter [source]
will be going to GamesCom
DerRidda’s GamesCom todo list (feel free to add something!) [source]


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