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Season 01, Episode 01

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Our launch podcast introducing ourselves, discussing recent history of the group, steam on linux and gaming. We intend to make a 45 minute to an hour cast every fortnight, this longer episode was expected as we find our footing in making these, please ‘tolerate’ our inexperience and contribute to improve it!

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SteamLUG Cast [source]
Linux Gaming Reddit [source]
Stycil Tux Logo [source]


SteamLUG happenings

Props to meklu, swordfischer, danharibo, xpander69
SteamLUG website [source]
PCGamingWiki [source]
‘SteamLinux’ website [source]
Updates from the future… xPaw has since created, and this has moved to [source]
SteamLinux GitHub repository [source]
SteamLUG IRC channel (#steamlug) [source]
Steam OpenID SSO [source]

Previous Events

Suggest an event [source]
L4D2 release party [source]
Amnesia [source]
Stream [source]
Savegame [source]
Red Orchestra [source]
Future Events [source]

Steam/Valve news

Steam’d Penguins [source]
Serious Sam 3 [source]
Remaining Valve titles to port [source]
GitHub [source]
Client update fixed HL/HL2 mod support [source]
SourceMods post [source]
Running HL mods on Linux [source]
Running HL2 mods on Linux [source]
Valve’s blog post that someone else linked to [source]
another related link [source]
Valve’s GDC talk [source]
Half‐Life 2’s store page [source]
IBM’s Prodigy advert [source]
Steam trading card beta [source]

Linux gaming news

0ad non‐news [source]
OpenMW news [source]
Wine 1.5.31 release [source]
Humble doublefine bundle [source]
urkle [source]
GitHub [source]
Twitter [source]
Thomas Was Alone Mocap [source]
Hotline Miami Linux beta password: hlm
X³: Albion Prelude [source]
gamingonlinux Unreal/RO2 article [source]
Garry’s April :trollface: [source]
Latest Minecraft snapshot [source]

Crowd‐funding projects

Chasm [source]
We had intended this to be 45 minutes long, at this point I was soo distracted writing
‘<johndrinkwater> holy crap how long is this’ in chat that I missed Cheese asking me this question which required a decent amount of editing to mask ;)
Failing or failed crowdfunding campaigns:
Rawbots [source]
Son of Nor [source]
The Realm [source]
That kickstarter we couldn’t remember, MaK [source]
Cheesetalks about Linux as a stretch goal [source]
Maia engine test [source]
Planetary Annihilation survey [source]

Sum‐up & Sign‐off

SteamLUG Cast is a casual, fortnightly audiocast which aims to provide interesting news and discussion for the SteamLUG and broader Linux gaming communities.

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