SteamLUG Cast


SteamLUG Cast is a casual, fortnightly live audiocast held on our Mumble server which aims to provide interesting news and discussion for the SteamLUG and broader Linux gaming communities. The cast is licensed CC BY-SA

From time to time, we also have guests joining to share their insights on Linux, the gaming industry and the SteamLUG community. Check back for recording archives, shownotes and further announcements!

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Previous Casts

No. Reco​rded Title Rating Hosts Guests
s04e25 Edit In Progress beansmyname DerRidda HeroOhOne Nemoder Tele (Tele42)
s04e24 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e23 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e22 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e21 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e20 Edit In Progress Nemoder Corben78 HeroOhOne
s04e19 Edit In Progress DerRidda Nemoder HeroOhOne
s04e18 Edit In Progress beansmyname DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e17 Edit In Progress johndrinkwater Corben78 beansmyname
s04e16 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne Cheeseness
s04e15 Edit In Progress DerRidda HeroOhOne Nemoder
s04e14 Edit In Progress E Cheeseness DerRidda gritfish
s04e13 Edit In Progress Cheeseness DerRidda Edwin Smith (feralgames)
s04e12 Half a Million Winners E DerRidda HeroOhOne Nemoder
s04e11 Almost Working C HeroOhOne hmccio Nemoder
s04e10 Call of Kill Heroes: Halos of Doom C DerRidda HeroOhOne Jasey_Wasey
s04e09 Still No Powerglove Support C DerRidda Jasey_Wasey ValiantCheese
s04e08 In the Winter of 2666 C DerRidda HeroOhOne
s04e07 Pirates and Robbers C DerRidda HeroOhOne ValiantCheese
s04e06 Super Hot and Sweaty C Corben78 HeroOhOne hmccio
s04e05 Waiting For VR C DerRidda HeroOhOne ValiantCheese Ariel Manzur
s04e04 Vulkhaaan C  (bean) DerRidda HeroOhOne johndrinkwater Tele (Tele42) ValiantCheese
s04e03 Circular Worldview E HeroOhOne hmccio DerRidda
s04e02 Heroes and Hooters C HeroOhOne Corben78 Mohero Tele (Tele42)
s04e01 Wide‐eyed Fools C bean HeroOhOne DerRidda
s03e23 Exclusive Insider Knowledge E DerRidda bean Corben78 hmccio HeroOhOne Nemoder
s03e22 Unpredictable Usage Patterns C DerRidda Nemoder HeroOhOne
s03e21 Door of Terror E DerRidda Nemoder Corben78
s03e20 Twenty Minute Chat and Expandalones C ValiantCheese hmccio DerRidda nullspeak Stephen_FX EntropicFlip
s03e19 From Dawn Till Dusk C ValiantCheese Corben78 LinuxZen hmccio Aaron San Filippo
s03e18 35 Lines Of Code E ValiantCheese DerRidda HeroOhOne SimoRoth
s03e17 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep C ValiantCheese bean HeroOhOne SanatanaMishra ironicaccount
s03e16 Wishlisted Electronic Entertainment Software C ValiantCheese DerRidda HeroOhOne
s03e15 Lord of the Spoilers E DerRidda HeroOhOne johndrinkwater
s03e14 Radar Clickers C DerRidda bean HeroOhOne
s03e13 Beautiful Linux Users T bean ValiantCheese DerRidda HeroOhOne
s03e12 Seriously Brewmaster Very Reborn C Tele (Tele42) HeroOhOne
s03e11 Elegant Diagonal Refunds C Tele (Tele42) ValiantCheese bean Aaron Melcher Ethan Lee
s03e10 Japanese Flags T ValiantCheese HeroOhOne Corben78 Lisa Brown
s03e09 Linux and gaming and Linux E bean DerRidda HeroOhOne
s03e08 Just the Two of Us C HeroOhOne Nemoder
s03e07 Octothorpe Krautfunding E DerRidda ValiantCheese bean
s03e06 Train of Fate C ValiantCheese bean HeroOhOne morganjaffit
s03e05 Vulkanic GDC T johndrinkwater DerRidda Nemoder
s03e04 Low-key Guest E ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder Ryan C. Gordon
s03e03 Rearranged C DerRidda ValiantCheese bean
s03e02 First Person Shooter Racer RPG Simulation Games C DerRidda bean Nemoder
s03e01 Ghost Whisperers E ValiantCheese Corben78 bean
s02e26 Steamy Regards E ValiantCheese DerRidda mnarikka bean MimLofBees Corben78
s02e25 Two Professionals One Cast C ValiantCheese DerRidda
s02e24 A Brief Autumn Breeze C ValiantCheese Nemoder DerRidda
s02e23 The Children Need to Learn the Hard Truth C johndrinkwater DerRidda ValiantCheese
s02e22 For The Gourd T johndrinkwater DerRidda Nemoder
s02e21 Wonder Boy C ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder Corben78
s02e20 Freedom Cheese T ValiantCheese Nemoder DerRidda
s02e19 Lester Pixigon C ValiantCheese DerRidda Levi Bard (Tak)
s02e18 Devious Mevious E ValiantCheese Nemoder Buckwangs PortalMevious
s02e17 They Mostly Come Out at Night E ValiantCheese DerRidda bean Corben78
s02e16 Touching Spacebase C ValiantCheese MimLofBees Nemoder JP LeBreton
s02e15 Fera Avis Pinguis C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda Edwin Smith (feralgames)
s02e14 Mount and Gun E ValiantCheese swordfischer johndrinkwater DerRidda
s02e13 Operation Bloody Future T ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda
s02e12 SteamBoy Over The Moon T ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda Nemoder John Warner
s02e11 And Then There Were Two E johndrinkwater DerRidda
s02e10 Nordic Penguins C ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder Leszek Godlewski
s02e09 Leadwerks Steaming Ahead C ValiantCheese DerRidda Nemoder Josh Klint
s02e08 We’ll buy 2 copies of Civilization! E johndrinkwater DerRidda Nemoder
s02e07 Two Beeellion Dollars C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda
s02e06 Virtually VR T ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda
s02e05 This Snowball is Rolling C johndrinkwater DerRidda Nemoder
s02e04 Amusing Games Online T ValiantCheese swordfischer johndrinkwater Matthew Howard Howard Tsao
s02e03 Background Music E johndrinkwater swordfischer DerRidda
s02e02 May Mog Chothra Protect Us All C ValiantCheese swordfischer DerRidda Oliver Franzke
s02e01 Breaking Down Steam Machines Specs E ValiantCheese swordfischer johndrinkwater
s01e16 Casually Mature C ValiantCheese DerRidda johndrinkwater swordfischer MimLofBees
s01e15 Gearing Up Your Kerbals E ValiantCheese DerRidda MimLofBees
s01e14 A Nuclear Dawn is upon us C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda Nicholas Hastings (psychonic)
s01e13 Assault Android Cactus C ValiantCheese DerRidda MimLofBees johndrinkwater Sanatana Mishra
s01e12 If Only We Could Find The Words T ValiantCheese johndrinkwater swordfischer
s01e11 Citizens of Waveform C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater Ryan Vandendyck Ethan Lee
s01e10 Falling out of Control to SteamOS E ValiantCheese johndrinkwater DerRidda John Warner
s01e09 We all need more Cardboard Cats C ValiantCheese swordfischer
s01e08 Catching up on SteamLUG C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater swordfischer
s01e07 Cake Day {#steamlug is two} C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater mnarikka
s01e06 Secret of the Magic Replacements C ValiantCheese Mim DerRidda
s01e05 Trine‐ity C ValiantCheese johndrinkwater swordfischer Julius
s01e04 Maker’s Eden C ValiantCheese swordfischer johndrinkwater Del Jaco
s01e03 Oh Mer Gerd LerdWerks Fer Sterm C swordfischer johndrinkwater ValiantCheese
s01e02 Flowery Kickstarter E ValiantCheese johndrinkwater swordfischer
s01e01 Our Introduction T ValiantCheese johndrinkwater swordfischer